Experiencing FPS drops for almost half a year

I’ve been playing this game nearly since launch and I’ve never had frame drop problems until about five or so months ago. It makes the game irritating to play, especially during comp. I’m sure that a patch during late last year is what caused this issue and I’ve followed this post which helped the problem very briefly before it started back up again. I’ve also reinstalled the game, which didn’t change anything. I’m still having the exact same problem. (edit)I’ve installed Geforce Experience and then uninstalled it. I’ve also uninstalled Overwatch from the launcher, then reinstalled it.

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A diagnostic file needs to be included for troubleshooting, as well as details on what steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue.

Please follow the instructions at the top of the forum:

And also, work through these steps (especially the last one):

How am I meant to include the dxdiag if it puts the post over the character limit?

Use Pastebin.com or controlc.com.

Thank you. I’ve edited my post to include the dxdiag link as well as included the two attempts I made to solve this issue.

Problem signature:
P1: GameManagerService.exe

Did you try disabling the Game Scanner module in Razer’s software?

So I did this, played two games, and on the second game the frames began to drop during one instance.

But otherwise the frames are fine?

Yes I think this solved the issue! If it turns out differently I’ll make another post. Thanks for your help.