Expand code limit((PTR UPDATE FIXED))

I’m not good with the workshop by any means. But I’ve seen the things people have been making, and if those can be expanded. I’m all for it.


Here as an emotional support blerb for this thread :bird: :slight_smile:


It makes me really happy to see all the help here. Every question I’ve asked was quickly answered and supportive. The community is actually acting like a community and it’s refreshing. I’m glad I’ve also been able to help other people here and there in return. I really hope this feature thrives and the community continues to grow.


I’m not really an active developer for this, but I’ve helped a bit here and there. I’m working on a couple smaller pet projects.

There’s a lot of things going on in this game mode code-wise. Like a lot. And the fact that we’re so limited so early is really sad.

With some of the other issues we’ve faced, we (mostly they) have changed what they wanted slightly to get a similar or sometimes better effect. But with this issue, there’s just no way around it.

I really hope some developers respond so we can get this issue addressed

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I’m sure some limitations will be relaxed eventually. It’s only been in ptr for a week. Certainly things that are simple to expand, they will. If they don’t, they probably have a reason.

For all we know, everything is set for lower starting limits to ensure things don’t explode as badly. With the crashes, and bugs currently, increasing size and complexity is only going to make finding/fixing those harder, aswell as cause disruption to the servers (that also support regular going games).

It’s only been a week. Find bugs, troubleshoot and report, figure out what the limits are, and exactly what needs to be expanded.

This is the PTR. It’s not really here for you to make your map yet. It’s here for testing.

I’m sure you have… many people with < an hour of forum time seem to have heard about it…

Please check out the most recent patch notes. We’ve increased the limits!


Thank you, I just reached the limit and was so happy that you are increasing it now. Could you do the same for entities?

Yup, we’re currently looking into increasing entity count as well.


Can you also check into the Disable built-in actions not working on TDM?

Yes, QA has identified several issues with the “Disable Built-In” actions, so I’ll take a look at those as well.


Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your activity and feedback within the forums.

Any chance you guys can add 0-9 into the variables? I’m probably going to run out of A-Z eventually lol…or even allow us to name variables using the text strings so we can give other people reading our scripts an idea as to what the variable relates to without needing custom variable names.


Thank you!! this was one of my biggest issues!

I was about to make a post about this myself
Seeing this dev update I’m unsure if I’ve been playing on an outdated version today or the update didn’t do much as I’ve just finished my session for today and I reached my script size limit completely despite having a few things left undone.
And please give us more variables as I’ve also just finished using my last available player variable too

that is amazing! thank you for the fast response, and may the community keep on expanding the bounderies of the workshop! ^^

on another note, whats the patch version number? i tried finding the patch notes you speak of, but cant find anything like it… are european releases later?

now i wanna play that PvE you guys are making
If blizzard ever expands it or you guys find anyway to complete in a solid states where you guys can say “this feels complete” i would love to have the code and play it
anyways hope bliz responds. Gl with the project

Add me in game. We’re always needing play testers and more feedback to make it as fun and engaging for the players as possible. :smiley:

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Sadly, I have to report that I’m still reaching the limit with a script that only has 37 rules (88 conditions and 217 actions total). So for complex projects the updated limit (increased by 4x according to patch notes) still feels pretty low :frowning:

Edit: Can anyone confirm that the limit in script size was actually increased? I’ve noticed that a previous project of mine that was near the old pre-patch limit had 37 rules (67 conditions and 306 actions) and now my new project’s script with 88 conditions and 217 actions is supposed to be more than 4x the size of this old one?

Would it be possible the limit is applied only to the newer generated presets? It sounds really weird and stupid, but perhaps the size limit is stored within the preset

Also are you guys still looking for test players? <3

so i already sent it. sorry for beeing late i just didn’t have time to play but i’m down for testing whenever u can