ExC tomorrow? [🔮]

1 hour for pray :pray: Blizzard please :pleading_face:


about 30 mins

Pls Blizzard

Reaper: -5000000 credit score
Oh noooooooo

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Even that, at least they think about him is already something :rofl::ghost:

Y’all, were not getting one

Possibility: 0%

Welp…its time to find out


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Dissapointment ETA: 15 mins

No I saw a card!!!

send notes NOWWWWWWW

Its not up yet but you will find them here Overwatch 2 - Patch Notes

The Overload change allows Torbjörn to use Overload a bit more aggressively, instead of purely saving it for defense. When combined with the Rivet Gun change, Torbjörn will be able to dish out more damage more frequently, especially at close range.


  • Cooldown Reduced from 10s to 8s

Rivet Gun

  • Alternate fire ammo consumption reduced from 3 to 2 per shot

This change to Deadeye allows its faster damage ramping to happen earlier, allowing it to be threatening to enemies more quickly than before. This change will help strengthen an ability that is often considered fairly weak compared to other heroes’ ultimates. Combat Roll being able to be used in the air is a nice quality of life change, but it is also a potentially powerful change when fighting against heroes with big vertical knockbacks such as Doomfist and Wrecking Ball.


  • Initial slower damage ramping speed duration reduced from 0.8s to 0.5s

Combat Roll

  • Can now be used while in the air

This change allows Moira to get more power out of both of her Orbs, rather than them often using just a portion of their total potential before flying away from their targets.

Biotic Orb

  • Slowed speed when it has a target has been reduced from 27.5% of normal, to 15% of normal

The main goal of these changes is to increase Junkrat’s overall potential power, especially at close ranges, while weakening his long-range spam potential. Direct hits within 15 meters will now do massive damage, while area damage and long-range direct hit damage will be much lower than before.

Frag Launcher

  • Impact damage increased from 40 to 90
  • Explosion damage reduced from 80 to 60
  • Added falloff to the impact damage
  • Between 15 to 25m, impact damage reduced to 20% (18)
  • Knockback amount reduced slightly
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Of all the heroes they buffed they had to buff McCree didn’t they. Not like he was the most broken hero in the entire game or anything. Not like he needed a flashbang radius nerf and health revert or anything. Nah let’s let him kill with deadeye faster and he can now roll out of knockbacks. Thank you Blizzard, very cool!

I was wrong and after seeing the balance patches I really really wish I was right


Wow the madlad actually called it.

tbf we have been making posts like these every Thursday

Let’s not manifest anymore experimentals and just wait for OW2.

You brought this evil upon us


Oh crap, mid-air roll os here. Cool

As a Sym main it’s my job to bring misery to others :smiling_imp:

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