ExC is day old and still missing (edit:being told it's back)

And only will have been up for 4 hours.

So I hope Jodie, Andy or Myst can give us an update to the whole of the bug fixes soon.

(Also if you clear up other news about this new hero leak which I am 90% sure is fake. That would be great.)

As I said before while covering it all yesterday and the day before…

I am vacation… and since it is my last day of vacation… not going to be as active today.


Yes put it up again. I want to play sup Sym :frowning:

But it kinda shows how lazy the devs treat these experimentals. Didn’t the last troll patches also have huge bugs?


I hope it never comes back tbh


Honestly it sucks for EU people because it came out at 8pm and I though I’ll play in the morning.
But what to expect from Blizz? “As soon as possible” means a lot of time. Just look at OW2.


have they ever dispelled leaks?

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Where can I try the new exp out

I am just hoping the latest leaks are really true…

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I’m quite confident they are not going to address the leaks because confirming something is NOT going to happen is still a form of confirmation; saying Mauga or Fox-girl aren’t coming will kill speculation discussion and further dampen hype. Contrariwise, if they say it’s wrong and it ends up being true, people will call them out as liars. They really can’t win with this community.

It’s still down while they fix bugs.


I don’t think the last experimental had any bugs, the bugs came when it esd pushed live with storm arrow and shatter going through shields

Updating after a day has past.

Now waiting to past the four hour mark.

Why would they? It’s more beneficial to let your community cling onto false hope whilst you neglect them.

I actually kinda hope the leaks aren’t fake. While I wont weigh in on if I think they are or not, that’s up in the air rn…

It would be interesting if they just threw new heroes into the mix for once.

Honestly there is layers to that. (Which I really want to highlight if not addressed.)

But I just updating this post and going back to my vacation. (it is my last day)

I remember Lucio being able to damage with his healing aura.

You would have thought the exp would have been up again by now.
Hoping will be back very soon.

Oh I hope you’re enjoying your vacation. Are you staying at home or travelling?

Why would they? It’s keeps the hopium supply from running dry.

Hey man that’s a person you are talking about, calm down

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Oof stop malding bestie x

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Calm down, punk. It’s just a damn video game.