Everything that could have gone wrong WENT wrong

From heroes being locked behind a battle pass, battle passes not even giving you currency to buy the next one, older event legendaries being marked up to 20$ a pop, balance still atrocious with certain heroes, removing OW1 entirely, phone required to play a game, and the anti-toxicity measures that can be abused, its safe to say this game is going to be a complete flop (Aside from the whales who will undoubtedly keep this game afloat.).

Even with everything I predicted above, it has now come full circle. This is the game we’re getting. I can see why most of the dedicated developers left. Their creation has been turned into a bastardized monetization machine moreso than a game. I feel terrible for them and I feel worse for the current developers who have to put up with the higher ups forcing them to do this crap.

GG. You’ve ruined a beloved franchise. Enjoy the new yachts, shareholders.


Almost as if the “doomers” were right about everything or something. :relieved:


And I really wish I was proven wrong. Its never fun being negative about a game you love, but god damn do they make it hard.


Naming two from me

I know why they can’t answer these questions or anything, because C-suite decided “time to bend over”, still it sucks

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Murphy’s law came true so?

If only this could have been avoidable.

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well blizzard is easy target for doomers

They make it easy for themselves to do so^