Everyone’s calling mercy an off healer

I don’t see Mercy being a specialized off healer as a bad thing. Mercy being good at everything had ruined the game for far too long, now she can be an off healer with high healing potential and we can all enjoy the game again.


Yeah, I’m good. I’ve only been playing her paired with an off healer post nerf as a main healer and I’ve only lost a couple of games

Her current heals are less than Ana and Moira but more than zen, brig and lucio so it’d be interesting to see her as more of a hybrid


She heals more than Ana

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An off healer is one who offers a little healing while also taking the fire off the main healer. She’s supposed to be a main healer, but currently she is more useful as a distraction by using her mobility to draw the enemy’s fire away from the other healer, like an Ana/Moira. So right now, yes, she is an off healer.


So you want something similar like in this thread right here?


I still wouldn’t consider her an off-healer. She puts out a lot of healing, and that is her main priority. Whether or not she is a ‘distraction’ is down to how you choose to play her.

Her healing no longer can keep up even with weakest guns, so she is off-healer now. But, knowing Blizzard, they won’t ever admit, that resurrect can’t be balanced as ability…


She outputs consistent healing. Something Ana and Moira don’t. Mercy has no limit to the amount of healing she can output, unlike Ana and Moira. She does not have to manage her resources.


Yea titanium’s thread is a good example


Watch her pickrate next month be just as high as before.

Maybe so, but it has nothing to do with balance. She is favorite hero of many, and only healer that 100% will do their job, instead of chasing kills.

Blizzard is gonna look at the pickrate and say “ oh look she’s fine”
People really need to put their money where their mouth is and let her drop a little

They will look at it and say “she still isn’t troll pick, we have to nerf her further”. Like they did, when even after over 10 nerfs in total, she was top pick healer.

It’s like people complaining that they don’t like a videogame coming out and the creators go “ yeah but you’re going to buy it anyway”
And everyone is like “ yeah that’s true, here’s my money”

Her pickrate has been gradually dropping ever since the nerf…


I think it’s going to balance back out again.

I’ve not heard anyone call Mercy and offhealer o.o.

Tbh given what the meta is like 60 hp/s is probably ok to give her again. Even without she’s still okay.

Side note: I don’t play much mercy but the mercy I have played the -10 hp/s is very noticeable.


I’m not taking credit for pointing this out, but I’m glad I definitely got the ball rolling in the forums :slight_smile:

But yeah, anti-Mercy’s are becoming less of a threat since more and more of their points are either being proven wrong or straight up drowned out.

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I, in general, am against mass rez; however, given that the heals are a joke now, it honestly would not even be a problem at this point. She would rez everyone and they would die again because she cannot even save a target from a rabid Moira. Lul.

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