EVERYONE Getting Crazy Lag Spikes

yeah ive been stable recently as well

Same problem here. My Ping usually sits at around 30ms but nowadays its at 70-90ms while rubber banding to 200ms every 20 seconds and progressively gets worse till there is no point in remaining in the match.
Seems to only be overwatch doing this as WoW, other online games and downloads all work fine.

Played since launch and Iv’e never had this problemo before.

It just happened to me in comp, ten minutes ago (US server)… My whole team was lagging and couldn’t move while half of the enemy team was in spawn and the other half was shooting us to death.

I want my sr back…

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Pretty sure this happened to me and my entire team. Lag to the point where people were floating and the map had to reload several times.

this has started again, it seems like every other maintenance fixes it then breaks it

obvious checks is make sure that fiirewall iisnt blocking any of the 80 files as windows defender thinks everything is invading your pc. run WINMTR to a blizzard server, you can check what server your connecting to by hitting CTRL+SHFT+N in a game or training range to see if your getting packet loss. anything over 0 is horrific.

Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring as well. No issues in any other game, but in Overwatch I get lag spikes of up to 300ms. And my normal ping used to be around 70, it hovers around 100 now. Tried everything I could to fix it on my end, and it isn’t my net.


I had the exact same issue, which seemed to start with one of the updates in the last 3-4 months. Blizzard purportedly fixed the issue when it appeared in November, but there are still a ton of posts about this weird lag spike/freeze issue.

I think the issue for a lot of people, if everything was fine before last November, isn’t your PC hardware or any driver update, IT’S YOUR WIRELESS CARD OR THE WIRELESS ROUTER.

Check your router settings for any Quality of Service (QoS) or “WMM” features, including any “power save” feature (and disable any power management features for your wireless card under Device Manager and Power Settings), and disable them all to see if it goes away. My guess is, Blizz may have introduced a new “feature” in a recent update that interacted with QOS or WMM in a negative way, and that it basically lowered the Overwatch data stream priority or tripped power saving settings in wireless cards or the router that put the data stream to sleep for brief moments. I disabled all these features on my router and on my wireless card (and put max performance in my power saving settings including checking Power Settings’ advanced settings to disable wireless card power saving), and my issues FINALLY went away.

Hopefully that is the solution for you and most people who have this issue.

I’ve had the issue too, with lag spikes up to 900+! I made a post about it but blizzard staff seem to be ignoring these types of topics. I saw one response from them and it simply read “It looks higher because we switched from PNG to latency!” Yeeaaahhh rubber banding all over the map is definitely caused by switching a label. I’m scared to play comp (even though I’ve finally been able to scratch out of bronze and have been climbing) because I’ll end up throwing the game due to lag. (I’m on the East Coast, btw) It’s ridiculously frustrating!!!

It’s very interesting how spikes are working, i just played quick play match with no problem at all. So after i queued for competitive and my latency erupted to 300ms+… It was just unplayable so i left the game, i don’t care about -50sr or 30min ban from comp. It’s just super frustrating when you can’t play because of server issue, and all blizz support say is “It’s your fault, LuL”
Upd: My ping/latency was perfectly fine before Retribution patch(25-50ms)

I can’t even enjoy Retribution with my sisters because I’m constantly getting disconnected. My sisters suffer lag spikes and ping spikes too. It’s very irritating. Get it together and fix your servers already.

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Commenting because I’m also seeing connection issues on the recent patch and I want to know if and when this gets recognition.

Aye, hadn’t played in 6-8 weeks and came back for retribution patch. Everything runs smooth except randomly it gets laggy/choppy for 1-2 seconds then back to normal.

Same here, retribution and QP from to time. Internet is fine but some random lag spikes for whatever reasons.

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Same here before the new update I was having what i think a normal ping ( 30 - 40 ms), nothing in my network or computer change and now my ping is 70-80ms but from sometimes I’m getting spikes to 200ms even to 1200ms and make the game freeze for seconds.

I talk to my internet provider and seems to everything is fine, I updated all my drives and still having the same lag spikes.

Even one of my friends have spikes up to 1200ms
Hope Blizzard say something about this :frowning_face:

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Glad its not only me. Hope blizzard will fix this at some point because it seems to be a widespread issue.

Well if its any help I saw on another thread that the kill feed is the cause of this lag, so try turning it off. I’ve just played 1 game with it off and besides a few minor movement glitches its worked alright (although it was only 1 match so far).

I left the game for lag spikes almost a year ago, I played again and everything is the same, ONLY in HOTS (the only Blizzard game that I play).
I already said it once, I do not know if it’s a coincidence, but it’s almost always when there are Russian players in the game, I do not have anything against them, but it does influence my gaming experience, and so many others that report without Blizzard making something, they will have to solve it.

This is a ridiculously old thread that was bumped and most of the issues here are unrelated, most likely. Contrary to what many posted here, we are not experiencing any server level issues at this time causing lag spikes.

If you need help with a connection issue, follow the troubleshooting or directions for posting a new thread at this sticky.