Even worse game optimization?


I realized that when I started playing after the patch hit, that my framerate on my potato of a pc got even worse than it was last patch. Please Blizzard speak on better optimization for this game.


Before just blaming it on the patch there are a few common things you can do (even on the most potato of potatoes of pcs) that can help make sure your PC is most optimized. I maintain an article in the technical support forum with details on this:


There’s definitely an ongoing optimization problem in Blizzard’s release pipeline. It’s something I pointed out years ago, as it spans all of their modern games, going back all the way to Starcraft 2 Closed Beta at least. New patch releases, other than those specifically dedicated to improving performance, will consistently degrade the game software’s performance.

I’m fortunate enough to have higher-end hardware making these issues less noticeable today, but I’ve seen a number of complaints mentioning performance drops in today’s Overwatch patch already, so you’re not alone. Hopefully they’ll dig deeper into the underlying cause for these issues at some point, since it may be something as core as the patch process itself causing the degradation.


Ok, I get it. I have had potatoes at different times. Better to game badly than not at all amirite?

Here you kind of lost me. You admit your computer is behind the times, but you are blaming Blizzard for it in the next breath. Here is a general tip for you going forward. Every time a game patches… any game… it will run slower because as you add stuff over time you are asking the users computer to do more work. It’s typically not noticeable, but if you are running a potato you will notice it more acutely than others.


or just give this guy and i better pcs :’(


I have a good PC, but after updating I seem to lose frames for about 15 mins. Then, after that 15, I’d notice it change. I sit in Training to see when it stops.

I play a game and it’s fine. For me, they don’t last. But I see where you’re coming from. Hasn’t happened since. :smiley: