Even the Devs don't know Symmetra well

Apparently she got an internal damage buff we never got to know about.
Pretty sure it’s 60/120/180, but what would I know. It’s not like I play the hero.

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If their stats say it’s 65/130/195 it is. That’s not really debatable…?

I don’t think it was a buff, but those were always her numbers since the rework which makes it worse because sym mains have made threads trying to figure out what syms true numbers are and the fact that they only say something now shows the devs are not paying attention.


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It’s been like 60/120/180 since the rework came out.

They had the wrong stats and didn’t catch it for like 8 months


IKR, actual joke

It is all almost irrelevant if she gets killed before she gets to do any of that damage…