Even Fitzy and Danteh are calling Sombra Bad/Weak now


Even at best she reached like, top 10 pickrate but was never On Top.


I’m most upset because they never gave the re-worked Sombra a chance to settle.

As others have stated, players were picking her up as she had just been slightly reworked and were learning to play her.

I think it is even more important to remember that most players were also still learning how to play against her. Her pickrates had been so low for so long it was rare to come up against a Sombra so the need to learn how to fight Sombra was very low.

Just like Brigitte, once everyone learned her place (and a very minor nerf was applied) her popularity had waned and most players learned how to compete with/against a Brig.

Sombra wasn’t given that chance.


Just make her viable and ignore any kind of hate. Force the people to adept to her like it happened with a lot of heroes, changes and reworks. Look at the numbers and objective game analysis, and not at the opinions of frustrated people.


Jeff posted top 10 list for every tier during that time. Sombra was nowhere to be seen.


Oh, I was just going by Overbuff weekly stats. Even going by those she was #10 even at her peak.



I will say she is obnoxious, not good. Problem being if you buff her and make her stronger it in turn makes her even more frusturating to play against. She needs a rework to her skills so shes not a walking light switch.


Heroes you play against arent supposed to give you a good time.


That happens to every hero that is buffed. And as I said before, literally everything is “unfun to play against” if it is played by someone who knows what he/she is doing. Usually there is always a way to counter/outplay a hero, Sombra is no exception.


I don’t know what to feel about this. I’ve been maining Sombra for a long time (I’m almost at the 100hrs threshold) and for what I know she is fine. So if I have to digress against Fitzy and Danteh then so be it. Sombra is fine!


She is an exception, insta hacks with 0 risk? youre obviously biased beyond belief if you cant see that. Aside from whipping your mouse 180 and hope to hit her there is no counter. Even turtle comps are destroyed by emp. Im not alone here either, as you could see by the community uproar when she was buffed.

Keep hiding behind your wall of blissful ignorance.


This line of logic only tracks if hack stopped you from moving, or shooting, or doing anything but using your abilities for 6 seconds. This is the same as complaining you can’t do anything about discord orb.


Interesting how you have to be drastic to argue with me.

So, first, her hack is not instant. Never was. 0 risk? You mean because of the translocator? Pff, yeah. If you use it, you’re usually leaving your team with a 5v6 teamfight. “Leaving a fight alive” does not equal “being victorious”.

Second, hack is the core ability of her kit. She doesn’t have lots of damage potential and has clunky mobility, so she needs a team to be successful. She is a flanker, so, if she is focused by the team, Sombra is usually neutralized pretty quickly, especially with CC.

Third, her EMP is an Ultimate. Ultimates should have impact, right? There are a lots of Ults in OW that have the potential to destroy entire teams. Like Rip-Tire, Deadeye, Dragonstrike, etc. There are a few.

And fourth, this uproar usually happens with changes. Brigitte, Hanzo, Mercy… You name it. The community always has something to complain about. Still, her statistics did not justify any kind of nerf. And statistics, especially win rates, are the key indicators to analyze if a hero needs a one. She didn’t, according to those.

And besides, as you can see in the forum, I am also not the only one that is upset with her current state. And there are a lot of videos, screenshots and commentaries out there that prove that Sombra needs help.


Sombra is bad against armor, I find Sombra better than Tracer tho, the hack is useful and EMP is still strong.


Not just armour. There was literally no justification to nerf her in the first place.

These are the stats for her “Two weeks of glory”.

She finished up at 1% pick rate before the nerfs hit. And now, she is worse than she was in Season 8 as a direct consequence of those unwarranted nerfs.


When hacked by an enemy Sombra

0:00 Run to Teammate
0:07 Run to Teammate
0:15 Run to cover
0:36 Use an ability to get out of hack if your hero has one
0:52 When EMPed, most of the time there’s no followup so you can ignore it if you know there’s not enough enemies in the area, otherwise stay with your team.

Having to watch your rear for Sombra should be very familiar…

…because it’s the same thing you do when watching out for Tracer

Except Tracer is more dangerous


The los nerf was enough, idk why they also put that cooldown.


None of it was necessary. You can see right there her stats were bad before any of the nerfs. The buffs she got weren’t enough, and the follow up nerfs unwarranted, and honestly feel straight up malicious to an already underperforming hero.


They nerfed her because she was somehow mandatory in pro scrims, if anything they should’ve nerfed her only for pro players, they already play on a different patch so different balancing is not a problem imo.


I don’t believe a word of that anymore. No one ever provided any actual evidence of that.

The fact we have the data right there, and that includes the same players in GM/Top 500 ditching her over that two weeks, just shows they weren’t getting the value they expected; but persisted in the campaign against her anyway.