Even Fitzy and Danteh are calling Sombra Bad/Weak now


She has half the pickrate of pre-rework Symmettra.

You said you’d keep an eye on her, please, please tell me you have plans for Sombra buffs coming up, or something, anything. She’s my favorite hero and the only reason I continue to play Overwatch, I just want to know the dev team wants her to be good, too. Please.

Sombra is being revived 🌟 So We Thought

That was all PR, they left her in the trashcan
This comment has not aged well


Sombra made the pros cry so she had to be nerfed to not hurt their feelings.


Yeah, pretty sure Fitzy recently said that no one should bother learning Sombra atm. It’s just not worth it. That’s depressing words coming from a GM/top 500 Sombra main.


I mean, I get what was frustrating about pre-nerf hack. I disagree with their decision to nerf it, and I especially disagree with their decision to push the nerf directly to live without testing it on ptr whatsoever, but I guess I get it.

What I don’t get is why she just got a nerf and not a shift of her power to somewhere that would be less “Frustrating” to play against while still letting her have value.


I’ve noticed it more and more with fitsy i watch his streams at least 2x a week and if i miss em i catch the highlights on youtube, Sombra is doing terrible he tries to make her work but alot of time hops on Mei instead because he cant land any useful hacks. He’s literally one of the best Sombra players and if he cant make her work alot of the masses sure as hell cant.

ht tps://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/sombras-ability-nerfs-are-blatantly-unjust-200-likes-devs-say-something/128042


Yeah he’s been quietly moving over to Mei lately but last night he retweeted Danteh saying she’s a bad hero. You can tell he’s really frustrated, as most of us are.


I just don’t get it. Why let a hero crumble and fester into such a poorly designed/implemented character? Her concepts sound great on paper, but in action it’s like “wtf is going on.”

A good Sombra is terrifying, but she’s so easy to shut down that it’s becoming laughable.

I main Reinhardt and his bugs are a joke, so I feel so much for Sombra players because there’s nothing worse than your kit just NOT working.

It’s been two years, Blizzard is a very respected, successful company. I’ve played their games for 15+ years, and I’ve enjoyed so many things they’ve produced. But this is getting borderline embarrassing. Make your stuff work, please.


Yeah, I’m really glad they’re fixing Reinhardt’s bugs, but,

it does sting a little, in the context of them not even mentioning Sombra’s. And don’t get me wrong, she needs more than bug fixes.


I think it’s BS that Brigitte was allowed to be oppressive for 2 months and counting, yet Sombra had 2 weeks on top. At least have the decency to fix the hack breaking when LOS isn’t lost. Sombra doesn’t even need buffs. She just needs her bugs fixed and she’d be awesome.


Bastion also got shut down fast, even though that overtuned Ironclad was definitely a bit too much. When you can live through a full Death Blossom at point blank range, with no pocket healer, that’s a problem. But they fixed that in two weeks tops.

But then you had Moth Mercy flying around for months. Where are these lines drawn?


The “pros” decide how the game im balanced in 90% convinced. If they dont want to play a hero then the hero is ignored, and if a hero does too good they dont want to play they nerf it to the ground (“we dont want to play sombra in the meta”). OWL is the WORST thing to ever happen to overwatch.


Hopefully Brigitte will join her in the gutter some day.


If you use the median price of the base game (@ $30) times “40 million”
you get 1.2 billion. They certainly have the resources.
That said, I don’t know what the technical challenges of making a video game are. I’d like to think the devs are pushing the envelope of their expertise, I have no idea.


Ironic considering how broken Reinhardt still is after a year of issues.

But you’re still not wrong.


I think that’s a bad attitude to take for any hero. I don’t want anyone’s favorite hero to be bad!


wow that’s harsh. I do notice he play Mei more than often recently.


In no way am I saying that game design and coding is easy. It’s super hard! I still respect them. But they’re not some new company that just opened its doors 4 years ago. They have the money and resources. Granted, OW has its own team.

I can’t wait for OWL to be over. I am hopeful we’ll see a bunch of back-to-back improvements once it’s done.


Danteh is part of the reason she got panic nerfed. I hate the dude.


The thing is Blizzard sunk a shipload of money into OWL and besides the new skins that debut they arnt making their money back, the teams had to pay millions of dollars to be formed and basically now they have to keep their investors pleased so that means they have to keep those investor’s players pleased so their million dollar teams do well. Its a fricken joke how much of a hole they made with OWL basically besides a few tournaments now and then Overwatch never got recognized as an official E-Sport, so they forced their way in with money and made their own league.