EU second class citizens again


Seems popular in France, I dunno. Maybe I need to brush up on French if I want to keep playing. Assuming I can still connect to the servers, being that they’re in France, after March.


Simply adding more servers make no sense, for something that only happens during patch days. That is just a terrible buisness decision.

If the average active player count is 20% and on patch days is 90% why would you increase servers which would be a waste for the other 330 days a year? ( assuming 26 are patch days )


Okay dunno about that. In the german speaking areas it’s not that popular at all and i can’t remember when i had someone from italy, spain and portugal in voice. East europe doesn’t even have good enough internet outside of russia so you can forget about most countries there as well.


OP was talking about EU countries



I don’t get what’s the fuss, it’s was like that from the first event in EU - since Overwatch launch. It’s not something they gonna fix cause it’s a matter of scale - each server cost $$$ so they wait for actually user demand to spin more servers and it’s only for few hours till most players play their couple Quick matches browse the skins and logout.


But accepting a buyout isn’t being fired…



You asked for a source, and I provided example source material the person might have based their post on. My own post (earlier in this thread) correctly stated that it was “paid to quit”. Don’t shoot the messenger.


That’s fine and dandy but the person I originally asked for a source of Blizzard firing 100 people still hasn’t been proven. It’s proof that people on these forums make things up and make things out to be far worse than they really are.


And it will not be proven. They weren’t fired, they were paid to leave their position in an effort to cut down on costs. They are saving costs on support and 100 people in the EU region is leaving their position which leads to worse support on the EU side. The topic is about “EU second class citizens again” which makes 100 support personnel in the EU region leaving their position as a result of cutting costs quite relevant to the topic itself… but they weren’t fired, just encouraged to leave


Great, now I want to spend money on Spark skins. Thanks.


not sure about this logic tbh


Since you’re running everything on AWS virtual machines these days, wouldn’t it make sense to spin up servers with the new version and pass all new connections to them, while migrating sessions from the old servers to the new on match end? Even if they have to reauthenticate, the load on both logon servers and AWS would be much more even, and matches wouldn’t be interrupted.


when no one is logged in cause everyone is queuing waiting for the servers to be up, that means there’s roughly 20k as there’s people logging both in and out, and it shows “20k people” on the waiting list.


Brushing up on my GCSE French and Spanish has been fun.

“Allez! Allez! Tracer attendez! Parfait ultimate!”
“Vamos! Vamos! Gracias Mercy!”

I’m moving to Japan in March though, so I expect a bunch of “Gomen! Ikimasu! Naisu! Sugoi! Ryoukai!”

Anime don’t fail me now!


My French lessons have been eye opening to say the least, they’re very creative with insults. None of this monosylabic nonsense comparisons to intercourse or bodily parts, you get full origin stories.


This is the most accurate description of the French language I have ever seen. :heart:


Doesn’t Blizzard have like 4500 employees?


Nah, they’re a small indie company, remember?


The UK is still part of the European Union until sometime later this year. Just FYI