EU second class citizens again


As with every event, logging into the EU servers is just not worth the hassle. You either start at the back of the queue behind 200,000 people or you get in straight away and then get kicked due to server overload.

why do I have to log into the US servers just to look at the event items?

US servers stable and quick.


biggest queue was 20k, meaning there are 20k active people more or less on EU. that’s not bad considering they have “40 million active players”, in fact 20000 is only half of one percent of that.

(Bill Warnecke) #3

Hey there, sorry for the login queue today. As of now we’re all clear, but we know the disruption when you’re ready to jump in and play is frustrating.

One challenge we encounter supporting a global game is finding a perfect patch time. At any given time some regions are busier than others. The reason we patch during Americas business hours is to make sure we have all the proper support staff here at Blizzard HQ to help if we encounter any issues. Unfortunately that means we land during a busier time for EU players.

Making the patch process smoother, and hopefully queue free for all regions, is a high priority for us. The problems we face on patch days can be complex, but I promise we’ll keep doing our best to fix the issues.


Issa joke right?
Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 3/13/2019
Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 3/13/2019

A good idea would be to invest in an EU infrastructure. Oh wait, you guys just fired a ~100.


I’m in Scotland and I had no problems at all logging in


Hearing this after receiving news that Activision is paying 100 support personnel to quit their jobs in the Europe region really does make it feel like I’m considered a second-class citizen by Activision…


Did they ever say that was the “active” playerbase? Pretty certain Blizzard was referring to total number of Overwatch accounts (w/ people suspecting that includes accounts that played on free weekend). If this game really had an active 40 million player community, arcade wouldn’t be limited to 5 modes. And I wouldn’t be waiting close to 5minutes to find a match.


That’s not just Europe. They’ve been cutting staff in NA and removing employee bonuses. Blizzard has been downsizing a lot lately.


Technically they never did. The Tweet was for “40 million players”.

People bag on them using the “40 million active players” because that’s what Outlaw’s Jake said on Good Morning America when asked to describe the game. Could’ve been a slip of the tongue. Could’ve been rehearsed PR response. We don’t know. But it’s become a meme at this point.


Downsizing while propping up executives with 15m dollar bonuses, don’t forget. :slight_smile:


Well… that’s what they do at the corporate level.

Everybody gets a fat bonus.

And the actual devs at the bottom working at below-industry wages, while some others live in on-campus communes because apparently an entry-level Blizzard employee doesn’t get a pay that allows them to live by themselves.




Honestly, we’ve been hearing this exact story for nearly 3 years now.


a bug i’ve been reporting for weeks, didnt see anything about it on patch notes:
when writing in chat, using tab to change the discussion color (people who can see it) requires multiple clicks to do the job


Fix your game already, it’s enough


Well, you could google “100 paid quit activision” and find a ton of reports on it, for example


Its not that US is more stable, its that all of us European are at home when the patch launches, while Americans are at work/in school still.


Got disconnected, downloaded patch and logged in. Was in 10.000 que and it took 4~5min then I was in and everything worked fine. On eu servers


This game almost isn’t popular at all in the eu. Mobas are still very popular here and fortnite of couese. So i can see why they are pendering towards the majority in terms of time.


Even Bill Watnecke said it himself: