[EU] LF support/tank main for duo

Hello there :slight_smile:

I didn’t play about 2 years but now I’m getting back. I recently play arcades mostly and qp sometimes but if some nice person will join to inspire me with good healing for example I can consider about playing comp with you :wink:

I don’t focus on comp as most people because I don’t have much time and energy to play and my internet isn’t perfect so that’s why I don’t mind to play comp but not only as some people do.

I play usually about midday(± 2 hours) when I have a dinner break and which continues a bit more than usuall(about 2 hours). I don’t like play in the evening in online games so I need a person who could play with me in this time. My timezone is UTC +3.

About me: main pharah/76/mccree, all seasons which I played before was high diamond(3400+sr), 24yo and like to play in duo with support or trio with tank as well but not more(don’t like big parties).

What I’m waiting from you: main support, preferably mercy/ana/zen, or tank; ability to play with me in my time; be positive and have game level around mine if you are gonna play with me in the comp(3000+sr)

Hit me in the blizzard app and let me know that you are from this post:

If you want to play with me in qp/arcades, then no conditions for you except time :wink:
Cheers! :slight_smile: