Error when connecting to the server and I got a sanction

Hello, the technical support does not give me any solution, and it´s the second time this has happened to me this week.

I have already put a post mentioning the error but the only solution they give me is that the error is mine when I cannot even enter the game.

I explain the problem. I Find a game, i can read “joining the game” , but I don’t enter the game.
I get the following text: “error joining the server” and I receive a penalty.

I would like to solve the problem because the first time it was a 12-minute penalty when I couldn’t even play, but the second time it’s 1 hour and I couldn’t play either.
It is not fair that I have to receive a penalty and 100 points less for an error that is not up to me. ¿Is there a problem with the overwatch servers?

The following images show the error:


When you are assigned to a match, you are committed to that match. Now if there is something that is blocking your connection to that specific IP address, you will get that error. This can be caused due to a variety of reasons.

Penalties cannot be reversed even for this situation as it is considered queue dodging to leave a match as it begins. Details on Blizzard’s policy about Competitive Mode penalties can be found here: