Error when connecting to the server and I got a sanction

Hello, I come here to claim the 50 points lost in my last game. I explain my case.

I’m looking for a game in duo, I can’t get in, an error appears when connecting to the server and the game penalize me with 15 minutes and 50 points less.

As my partner has told me, my partner entered the game, but an enemy player left it. The game was canceled but I still had not entered. The pic that i can send u show "
error connecting to server".

I claim the 50 points and the 15 minute expulsion because I could not enter the game but I have been sanctioned as if I had disconnected.

Here is the pic with the error:

You and the other player were both responsible for causing the match cancelation and both are penalized appropriately. Skill rating cannot be restored. See this thread for details:

My friend dont leave the game (The enemy leave the game). My friend dont get penalized. I was the only one but i never enter the game. How i can be responsible? Can u explain me that?

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