Error LC-208 (PS5) since March 20, 2023

All my friends have been playing, but since March 20 I kept getting this error.

I have already reset my ps5, re-install the game, delete the save in PS5 & PSN, restarted my internet modem & network router, log out Battlenet account from all device (via, etc.

This is very frustrating, since nothing online says will fixed Error LC-208 actually fixes it. It seems like this error occurred to many people back in Oct 2022.

I paid for BattlePass, but now it seems like I am unable to play the game and unable to finish my dailies which seems very unfair for someone that supports the game via Battlepass.


I am having the same issue on my Xbox.
Login Error: LC-208.001


Same here, in PS4, any help would be appreciated

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I am also experiencing this, tried everything and nothing works. Xbox series X. I have opened a ticket.

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I’ve been having the same issue since 20Mar2023. I’ve tried restarting my network, my friends network, shutting down the Ps5 and unplugging for awhile, & still nothing. I even tried playing the ps4 version & nothing from that either.

Any updates on this?

Hey all,

LC-208 is an account specific error. The Overwatch team is investigating the cause and working on a resolution for accounts affected by this.

If you haven’t already please submit a ticket to the Customer Support team so we can add your account to the list and update you with any progress.

Use the Contact Us button on this page to submit the ticket.

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I’m facing the same problem. Kinda frustrating after 3 days and nothing

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Yup, same thing. Even submitted a support letter.

Same here. Submitted a ticket wonder when it will get fixed.

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It seems like more and more people are running into this as the week goes on. It blows my mind that my roommate sitting right next to me can log onto his account just fine but mine gets blocked by an error. I am sad, but also slightly relieved, that I’m not the only person who’s tried all the “this is how you fix this error” tips and tricks online but with no results. Really hope they can fix this before the event is over, kind of sad we miss out when it’s not our faults we can’t sign in.

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Do you guys have an eta on the fix?

Hey! Looks like my problem it’s solved :slight_smile: I tried tonight and my game is working! No disconnections

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