Error BcC 153 anyone else?

What is happening? Am I the only one who cant get into game? It says 600 players above you but never gets me in a game and shows me BC 153. Anyone else has this issue?

Mine says 430 minute wait time.

DAMN. i have been stuck like this for about 20 minutes and I cant find out why.

Issues going on right now.

There is known issues with the authentication servers at this time. It will affect all players including console.


Ohhhhh ok, that clears it a bit.

Thought they were getting DDOSed because of the double xp

They are getting DDOSed but they wont say that.

Who is getting DDOSed?
Omg I cant read. Lmao sorry

I have not seen evidence of a DDoS yet. I am tracking DDoS attacks on this website and there is not much being sent to the greater L.A. area:

I needz that double xp