EOMM is soul-sucking

idk if anyone from blizzard will read this, let alone someone who actually works on OW2 matchmaking, but…

EOMM in the gaming industry has already gone too far, but OW2 is taking it to a new level entirely. I know you’re optimizing the casual experience, but what about the gamer who wants to grind and enjoy fair matches without blatantly rigged matchmaking?

I was so happy to see the changes made to OW - The gameplay is fantastic. I’m glad that EOMM is making the game more enjoyable for the majority of people stupid enough not to realize they’re being spoon fed a personalized narrative, but it’s ruining gaming for me.

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I agree. All competitive games are doing this because it makes them more money by maximizing the time you play the game. Gaming used to be 1000% better when you could buy the full game and there was no monetary incentive to log hours on the game. Just play till you’re bored and want to do something else. Blizzard, Riot and other companies are too focused on money now. They don’t care about the players, just whatever algorithm gets them richer and fuels their microtransactions. Honestly f*** gaming today. It’s ruined for me. I’d rather play games for 1st and 2nd gen consoles that came our 15-20 years ago than the trash these companies are coming out with now. EOMM and competitive play have ruined all of it.


Nothing else to say this hit the nail on the head.

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