Environment States in Overwatch 2: Behind the scenes with the engineering team

The difference in lighting really changes the mood - Necropolis in daylight looks so inviting (and hot).


Incoming weather- and daylight-based strats for certain maps?


No weather effects. Just the different times of day

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That’s a neat article. Interesting stuff! Hope to see more stuff like this in the future.

A biweekly/monthly blog along these lines would be greatly appreciated!


I really like the look of this. Maybe someday these tools can be implemented into the Workshop which would feel like a huge step forward for helping creators feel like they have control over the environments.


Perfect for me that plays Overwatch at highest possible settings.


Very interesting read, thanks! And thanks to all the Overwatch developers for all the hard work and these amazing optimisations.


“Nice Weather today….”

Nice article. Thanks, Blizzard.


OW1 is 5 years old. If the engine for OW2 doesn’t take a performance hit for older graphic cards it would be a real disappointment. All that wasted power of newer hardware.


Didn’t read yet but i’d love to have this on PVP.

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I just noticed that if you click on the “Comments” link at the bottom of the article, it brings you back here. We are the comments section. :wave:

Ideally it would add new settings that allow players to take advantage of better hardware, not make the experience worse for people who purchased it to play on older hardware.


This looks absolutely stunning. Go OW2!


I really like this, thanks for the little communication guys ; ). I am starting off on Environment art myself so this gives me some extra info to help myself adapt to you guys’ style. GL in development and make this the best game possible!


this is cool but hopefully not the big thing coming soon
I still hope its a beta but I understand it most likely won’t be

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But the thing is, it doesn’t look a whole lot better than the first game.
If you didn’t know which maps are in a which game, I can bet one can hardly tell them apart.

Yeah, then my team can see the sunrise to sunset as we attempt to take Paris lol.


That’s cool when is the game going to not suck

Neat, but… we kinda already knew most of this? The engine differences aside, the most important thing was the different environments for hero missions, but that’s ancient news at this point. There’s nothing here that’s both new and actually impacts us as a player.

That would be terrible. “Oh, I’m a Widow main, but the map generated a sandstorm so I couldn’t see people more than 10 yards away so I guess I just lose now.”

Well the good news is I don’t think 2cp’s going to be in OW2 outside of the Arcade lol.

Yeah, ripperino 2CP…