Entering game bug

When I was joining a comp game, overwatch got stuck at entering game. I had to restart overwatch and lost 50 sr.

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It happened to me too. I have got suspended for 2 times now. You should actually check it again. You lose 70 SR now instead of 50. 50 on the role you were playing, 10 each from other roles. And 1 from Open queue comp too per suspension I think. So total 71 SR

Exactly the same for me… banned for inactivity…-70sr…

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Just happened again. Think ive lost 120 sr now. This is some bs

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I would advise to scan and repair the game from the bnet launcher, the uninstall and install, or delete the blizz entertainment folder by typing %ProgramData% in Run dialog box. And hope it works…

I’m having the same thing happen. I’m getting stuck at “entering game” multiple times and getting penalized for it. My internet is working just fine but for some reason I’m not getting into some games. Really hoping for a solution.