Endorsment being odd


I reached endorsement level 4 a couple weeks ago and was understandably demoted to level 3 after early leaving quick play games due to internet issues. However, in the past 2 days I have ranked back up to level 4 three times only to log back on a couple hours later to find myself back at three with no message in chat telling me of the demotion. The worst offense was when I logged in this morning at level 4 and after playing a couple games (no early leaving, no harassment, no reports) I had been demoted IN GAME with no message telling me about it. It’s just really frustrating to work my way to level 4 and losing that progress for no apparent reason each time I log on.


Im having the same exact problem. from 4 to 3 over and over again.
I talked to the support, but they pointed me to the Bug report forum.
look at this post. over 200 ppl. having trouble.
This is not really a question, but maybe something you can look more into. About the endorsement system.
It’s really bugged right now. you can see some of the 215 post of people having trouble including me. here.


Support doesn’t or claims to know nothing. They just give a canned answer on how it “should” work but they never give clear cut answers, just speculation.
Blizzard is becoming a huge disappointment at this rate with the lack of response over this issue.
They talked up a big story about this, it is overdue for them to step it up, admit the system sucks and they never listened to feedback and they either need to nerf the system, or trash it.