Endorsements not available on Mystery Heroes and No Limits

That’s kinda whack, Blizz

Yeah, I don’t really understand why you can’t endorse people in those modes :confused:

It’s not like you can’t be a shot caller, good teammate or have sportsmanship in them.

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Clearly arcade isn’t real, we made it up all this time


Right on the ptr atm


Shoot man.
Then what have I been doing during all that time I thought I was playing Mystery heroes???

Holy cow that’s amazing. Thank you for linking it.
(Although I don’t like the ‘change every round’ part :/)

Sadly you’re delusional, Jeff’s promise of lootboxes have stolen you away, you’ve been asleep for 3 years! Wake up D:

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Will there be an old man waiting to give me a paraglider?

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