Endorsement system really should go away, it's toxic

We win game, though enemy player gets a very cool PotG with Mei, a quad kill. Two of us on our team say, and this is ALL we said, “no spray”. The result:

“your endorsement level has gone from 2 to 1”

I know endorsement levels don’t mean much of anything. But it just seems ludicrous to have a system where you lose rank when players intentionally target you, but you gain rank when players randomly pick you for upvote after winning the match. It’s backwards and pointless.

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If you have level one that’s a sign that you engage in some toxic behavior. Even when I barely play I can still maintain a 3 playing only dps.


Dunno if that’s the case here. I’d say it’s more likely that your endorsement level decayed due to not receiving endorsements often enough, rather than a sudden downturn due to being reported or something.

And someone correct me if I’m wrong, but action from reports against you would reduce your endorsement level to 0, instead of 1, right?

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I mean, maybe don’t be a jerk in chat for no reason and people won’t report you for toxicity?

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I get reported for callouts. That’s how bad it is. Seems you have to turn off chat.

Honest answer for you Fraudulence, not busting your chops or anything…

Your level didn’t drop because you typed “no spray”. The system isn’t that speedy.
You lost a level because…you either haven’t gotten any endorsements in a long time, (and/or) you leave games as a habit, (and/or) you only play DPS in comp, and rarely do anything that catches everyone’s attention enough that they would endorse you (endorsement are rarer in comp is my understanding).

If you really are concerned about endorsements, then play support or tank much more, and don’t leave games, or stay in groups where the team leader pulls the whole team out of matches early (you’ll get pinged for it, regardless of if you click the leave match button).

Anyhoot, good luck mate.


Working as intended by my experience.

You get more endorsements in QP than in comp. Farm some endorsements in QP for a while.

Sometimes you get reported for nothing, because the 5-stack you played with think it’d be funny, or you were pretty good and the enemy 5-stack didn’t appreciate it.

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Well MAYBE Blizzard should remove chat with the enemy team so players CAN’T. No more “GG EZ” at the end of games ever again.

Also the endorsement system is completely garbage. Why should it take forever to get back to 4 after being a victim of report abuse?

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Not True. I have 1 or 2 Endorsement, I am Main Torbjorn, but I do Play Reinhardt Few Times, also I am very Chilling and Friendly. Rarely, I will get Endorsement. So, Toxic People can have 4/5 Endorsement.

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I play DPS primarily, flex for priority passes, and never talk at all except to type “gg” at the end of the game (win or lose). I alternate between endorsement level 3 or 4. If you can’t stay above level 1 you’re doing something wrong.

Why? There’s people with level 3-4 endorsements that are toxic af. People just mindlessly give endorsements after a game, the level says barely anything about the kind of person someone is.


And there are far more who are normal players. Someone who is fairly active with only a level 1 means most people don’t like to play with them for a variety of reasons. They’re toxic or maybe one trick a niche hero.

Not True, sorry. But I seen One Trick Tanks or Supports get 5 Endorsement. But I am One Trick Torbjorn most Times, but I do Play Reinhardt a lot too. But not very many Times like Torbjorn. Also People who 1 Endorsement can be very Chilling and not Toxic.

They do it as another form of toxicity. “Oh we beat you? GG EZ now here’s an endorsement we don’t really mean to also rub in your face.”

Maybe they’re new then idk. Just when I see someone who is gold border with a level 1 endorsement they’re almost always toxic af.


Except you can’t see who endorses you so unless they straight up tell you this is kind of a non-point.

It’s easily obvious who does it. Most of the time your team doesn’t give you that endorsement and that’s the only option for the enemy team.

Okay? Sorry but if you get that bothered by someone giving you an endorsement then maybe this game isn’t for you. There’s far easier and more effective ways of being toxic than giving someone a sportsmanship endorsement.

Endorsements are another one of those feel good mechanics that mean nothing - just like medals and plays of the game. Not only are they meaningless, but they are a source of toxicity - kind of the opposite of their intention.