Endorsement Level went down


Happened to me today and I didn’t even notice it, noticed no message. I was quite shocked tbh when I suddenly saw 3 next to my name and realized I had dropped from 4 to 3, which I had only recently earned and was happy about.

I had gotten endoresements every single game today, except for 1, MAYBE 2, but I played a lot of games and it’s usually at least 2 endoresements otherwise. I’ve never left a game nor disconnected.

Things I did that could have affected losing my ELvl / ElvlPoints

I blocked some people that were distracting me in voice chat (I could have used mute, but I was lazy in that moment and it was QP, none of these games were in competitive).

I didn’t always use up all my endoresements, sometimes I gave out none. In the postgame screen, when I can see “leave game” top right, I sometimes used that to queue faster, but I never got demoted for that before. I wonder if you get demoted for leaving game during the potg replay. I’ve not done that, but I’m curious.

At the end I was kinda on a losing streak, I think around a 20 or 30% winrate over the course of the last maybe 6-7 games? That’s what it felt like, but again, I received endoresements during those (I didn’t feel I deserve them for my performance in those tho, but I still got them).

And lastly, I practiced in training mode until the game kicked me out for being in it too long, after which I queued and continued playing but I didn’t look at my endoresement level there, so Idk if I lost it at that point. Would be hilarious if I did.

At this point, I really just want to know what caused it. I feel sad cause I’m always positive and friendly, I’ve never raged nor insulted anyone in my entirety of playing this game (lvl 60 only, so it hasn’t been that long), but I’ve always watched my manners and not even blamed anyone ever to date, the closest thing that I’ve done to blaming someone was pointing out (which was today, but still covered by the chatlog so I know I didn’t get demoted there), that “we had this multiple times, if someone had stood in the objective area”, to which someone replied asking “why I didn’t do it”, to which I said, “I’m a squishy that would suck in that situation and that we had 2 good tanks that would have been much better at that task.”

Just maybe, the person that was Reinhardt and swapped to Hanzo felt offended because of that and reported me, who knows, but otherwise I’m out of ideas, but that really can’t have been it, cause I already concluded via the chatlog, that I was not demoted at that point in time.

Edit: After playing 2-3 games since posting this, I went back up to 4. From that I conclude, that if I demote from 4 to 3, I’m still relatively close to getting back to 4. Still unsure why I demoted, but considering I quickly went back up, I’m kinda guessing I didn’t lose an entire level, but only a little “points?” which put me at the high end of ELvl3, allowing me to get back to 4 quickly?!


This is the 2nd time in as many weeks that I’ve logged on and been informed by a Roadhog splash screen that I’ve earned level 3…

I lost level 3 once before after leaving a game during potg, but I’ve been careful not to leave games until the post-game summary anymore, and still this is happening. I’m very confused how this system works and when it’s ok (or not) to leave a game if you want to re-queue with different players. :frowning:


hey same thing keeps happening to me. . i was lvl 3 then was lvl 4 for awhile , then it went away . even after i get lvl 4 i keep getting endorsements , then all of a sudden it went down again to 3 … i really hope blizzard can fix this soon .


Glad to know I’m not the only one. I went from a Lvl4 to Lvl3 within around 16 hours. The strange thing was when I started playing the previous night, right before I hit 4, I was congratulated for reaching 3.


To be honest I’m playing so much Junkenstine I forgot this system existed.

I’m not aware of any balance or fixes and I stopped using it and to be blunt I no longer care because it doesn’t help or hurt me in any way. I just do my best when I play and that’s all I can do.

When I get stuck with toxic players I leave chat and mark avoid in social after matches. This is still the best way to deal with toxicity.


Today when I logged into the game i recived a note saying congrats on getting endorsment lv 2, but here is the thing.

When logged off last night I was lv 2 in endorsment… so was it a bug or something?


The congrats is what you see when you’re given a reward for your endorsement level (lootboxes). Every fortnight, you get lootboxes (number depends on how high your endorsement level is) for being a good person


That’s weird. I only seen it once despite my main profile being 3-4 since the system went live. I play daily right now.

That one time was also on an alt that’s only been played enough to complete 1 comp placement.


That’s super weird, Ive seen it at least 4 times now. Maybe they just get credited to your account without the congrats if you don’t log on on the actual day it ticks over? That’d depend on if you have 2 (endorse lvl 3) or 3 (endorse lvl 4) lootboxes when you log on without any other explanation though


I’ve had 2 or 3 boxes randomly appear a couple times but on the message… only the once.

My PS4 has been at 3rd endorsements for over a month now with no bonus loot boxes. Might be because you can’t endorse in Junkenstine? That’s the only event that I quit playing every other mode for.


I’m not sure what the deal is for console unfortunately so I couldn’t even suggest a reason why that’s happening.

I hit level 4 endorsement today and within a few hours, I dropped back to level 3 because I didn’t get enough endorsements and because I’m experiencing a really frustrating bug with 4v4 comp Deathmatch where I blackscreen every time I try to join a game on eco point Antarctica. It took so long to get to 4 too.


That sucks. I’ve lost lvls in similar fashion where I literally get an error from game and booted.


can we plz send this to jeff


I’ve been to level 4 and back down to level 3 about twice now and I think it’s because you left a game. Even qp counts apparently even though the people who play qp have lives and can’t spend their entire day on a game. I’ve also been d/ced (in qp) and still lost a level. Endorsements should only matter for comp imo.


I’m not sure it’s really a problem, but I have noticed that when I’m playing in a group with two friends (who obviously can’t endorse me) after about 4 or 5 games I pretty much always de-rank from 4 to 3 just because I’m not hitting the percentages to maintain level 4 due to being in a group. Seems like people you’re grouped with not endorsing you shouldn’t count against you since they can’t.


Today I got to level 4 endorsement, after few games, received a message that my endorsement level went from 4 to 3…
Was searching online, and on the official site it says, we lose endorsement when we are punished?
Or wth happened.
Any information on what is going on?
Thank you.


I always try my best and I get endorsements every game. I don’t care about my endorsement level but I do know what they stand for. So I was simply curious when I just got a message about going back to 3rd lvl (from 4th) on my endorsement. Seems like there is no clear answer. Oh well.

I simply was surprised as to which game I got that massage. I joined arcade 3 vs 3 game and great matching system puts me into 3rd round of the game, where my team losing 0:2, I join in dead, and one teammate is dead. So its pretty much last round, 3 against 1. So I left. And bingo, - 1 lvl. For joining dead into last game round.

So far seems like all of these points will drop your endorsement level:

  1. No endorsement received over few last games. (Playing with a fixed team? Say goodbye to your level of endorsement).
  2. Leaving a game before OFFICIAL ending. (Joined in the last round of a losing game? Leaving? Say goodbye to to your level of endorsement).
  3. Also there is a rumour that endorsement points become inactive over time so you need to keep playing to receive new endorsements to “feed” your endorsement level. Let’s say system keeps active endorsements for 7 days, you played for 7 days and got 700 points, 100/day (wherever that lvl of endorsement is, let’s say 3rd lvl requires 500 points). Now you did not play for 3 days. Therefore in the last 7 days, you only got 400 points (last 7 days: 100/day *4 + 3 days of no playing). Your endorsement points for the last 7 days are 400, therefore your lvl that requires 500 in 7 days is demoted.
    Numbers are random but if you get the idea it actually may be making sense.

All this is from researching on this issue. No official information


So I just got a reduction from rank 3 to rank 2 endorsement after my internet dropped for about 3 seconds and I was booted from my QP match during the last few seconds of the round. Whats stupid is my team was winning, I was ranked gold in damage and silver in elims so I had no reason to leave the game willingly. When I rejoined as soon my internet recovered I came back and the game didn’t give me credit for anything during the match and as stated above told me I lost a rank in my endorsement, despite earning endorsements all day.

Is this run by some algorithm or something? Because this is some straight bull to be hit this hard for my damn internet cutting out for a few seconds.


After i restart Ow I received a massage “Your endorsement level is 3 Congratulation” but before i restart it it was also 3.


i was at 4 but then suddenly i was at 3 first i thought maybe i got reported but i have been playing the game normally