Endorsement Level went down


Based on that support ticket, the only way many of us are losing endorsement is getting reported, constantly. I find this hard to believe, given that many of us are getting endorsements almost every match i.e. does one report negate all the good from endorsements? Now that I think about it, I guess this is feasible if the enemy team is especially butthurt with your play (who amongst us hasn’t liberally teabagged an opponent from time to time…). Would love to know the reports to endorsement ratio that will bring you down.


Tea bag is a form of harassment. Even the forum has filters on it. I’m surprised Blizzard hasn’t built in penalties for people who spam crouch.

I’ve suspected grief reporting to come in the form of cheating reports. Who hasn’t watched a death cam and said things like “no way did widow get that shot, I was 5 feet behind the wall when I died”.


Level 5 endorsement dropped to 4 (for no obvious reason)…Logged into the game the first time today (lvl 5), joined the first quick play match, selected Mercy (no healers on team yet), and before the match started, received a message that it had gone down, before the game had even begun.

It did the same thing the day before, but after playing a few games. It took a couple hours to bring it back up.

I don’t harass, badmouth, or do anything rude. I always vote people up, and always use give out endorsements to my/or other team.

Could it be that I generally only play mercy 95% of the time, good team or bad?


Hope not. Not endorsing because of who you pick is a form of toxicity.


Today my Endorsement has decreased from 4 to 3 levels. This happened for the second time in a month. I did not cuss with anyone in the chat, I helped other players, I played the game regularly! I am very offended and upset by this situation! I try very hard to raise the level, but it constantly falls. Why did you come up with this system? It only spoils the mood


This glitch is still happening. It’s kind of annoying cause it affects the amount of loot boxes you get once in a while. It goes up and down constantly for no reason. Even immediately after receiving endorsements it will go down. I mean… just look at the screenshot, seriously.
https:// i.imgur. com/hfYTQwH.jpg (remove spaces and copy/paste)


it’s actually pretty “rapid” for me, I have 2 jobs and school, so I only play once a week, my first game always goes from 4 to 3…


How does it effect loot boxes?


Once in a while when you start up the game it will say “Good job blah blah blah” with Roadhog giving you a thumbs up. And it’ll show how many bonus loot boxes you immediately get once getting into the menu screen. I got 3 extra boxes at endorsement level 4.


I experienced the same right now. I was endorsement Level 4 and after my Teammates endorsed me, I should’ve been Lvl 5, instead it showed Level 3 to 4 and this happened two times in 2 Weeks. I don’t get it. Why would I first level up but still remain on the same level? O.o I also get the 3 extra loot boxes but it seems that I can’t level up from 4 to 5…


After going back and forward to 3 and 4. Im actually staying on lvl 4 right now. Have not dropped in 5 days now.
Before that i dropped like every other day.

  • If you get reportet you will go back to lvl 1. ( lvl 0 ). It’s not like, if one player reports you, you will loose all lvl’s. It will only happen if you get allot of reports from ppl and blizzard is taking a look at it… :wink:


Just went 4 to 3 after logging in. Last thing I did was was left before the next capture the flag could start. Wasn’t even to the spawn room after selection. Was looking at last match stats before going to bed.


I have gone from 4 to 3 several times because of this bug. The most recent time I was 4 when I logged out, 3 when I got back in less than 24hr later, got back to 4 after an hour, got about 10+ endorsements while still at 4, took a break to get a drink, and then was back down to 3 when I got back! This is the 3rd time this has happened!!!


do not suck and die all the time and maybe you wont be tea bagged by superior gamers


Level 4, consistent endorsements, power flickers, one disconnect and I sign in stating I am level 3. So again, several days and games of endorsements, one disconnect regardless of reason demotes you a level, and as pointed out can go down to level 3 while getting endorsements, yet I go back to level 4, while receiving no endorsements.
Swear to God, if I am having a bad day, I only need to play a couple of matches and the endorsement system will crack me up.


I got level 4, and the next match it went down to 3, and I did good.


Been playing good, getting endorsements each match and leveled up to 4, got disconnected went back down to 3. Happened multiple times it’s infuriating.


Has anyone adressed this issue yet? I came here to figure out why my endorsement level went down as it seemed there was no reason at all for it. Like most people have already said, I had a steady stream of endorsements coming in, I don’t try to annoy other people with the “sarcastic thanks” spam or running negative commentary.

If I’m somehow playing in a way that other people find negative it would be nice to get that feedback. If the drop in level isn’t coming because you were being toxic but for some unknown random reason, then the whole system really starts to seem more like a popularity contest than a way of preventing toxic behavior. I don’t really care that my “3” went to a “4” but it does bother me that something I felt like was an indicator of good behavior, something I earned, is now gone for no reason and, worse yet, would seem to imply I’m playing in a way that negatively impacts other people’s experience.


Can’t seem to stay on 4, drops back in game or when I log on or pretty much anytime


Happened to me yesterday - I was playing Quick Play… I don’t really communicate to my team via voice or chatting, so I was surprised after my match ended and receiving two endorsements that I had a notification in the chat informing me my endorsement level had been adjusted from 3 to 2!

I don’t understand why… I’ve never been banned or suspended before - not so much as received a warning for any bad behavior.

I’d actually feel better about it possibly being a bug then Blizzard not outright telling me what I’ve done wrong to deserve a demotion!