Endorsement Level went down


Definitely still a problem. I often finish a game, but people are watching POTG or upvoting cards, and haven’t done their endorsements yet. I’ll go from 4 down to 3, and then get a couple endorsements immediately afterward. This is within a minute or so from the victory/defeat screen. :roll_eyes: Wtf?? This decay is BS. It’s too fast, you’re punished for playing with friends because they can’t endorse you (like- being a friend shouldn’t mean you can’t endorse them), and the decay happens before people even really have a chance to endorse you. And you can endorse people for quite a while after a game ends, so they really need to re-evaluate this system.


I feel I need to apologize to all of you who play great in matches with me…
I have decided to no longer give out endorsements. The reason, is this system is a POS. Look at how many of us are just drop in endorsement levels while receiving them? It feels like if I endorsed someone and their level is dropped that the system has allowed me to contribute to it.
I will also say it again, the toxic chat continues to increase…maybe I get lucky and get hooked up with immature people, maybe I spend too much time playing increasing my exposure to this.
The system simply can not be taken seriously. I went from a 3 to a 4 again and can’t wait to see how quick I go back to a 3 for simply playing a game. Give the endorsements out, receive them, don’t receive them you still get the so called decay factor.
We have made posts for months on this and many other threads about this system, Blizzard apparently either does not care, or are too embarrassed to admit to the failure this idea has become.
Maybe if we can all just give up endorsing altogether and care less about the crappy XP given for providing one, that perhaps Jeff will wake up and see how the amount of endorsements given out and how true the reporting of toxic chat has remained (or in his world gone back up because Blizzard thinks it has gone down) as decreased and increased respectively he might cry in Torbs voice “My baby” and “I worked hard on that” and actually do something…even if it is a canned video about how great the system is but requires a change.
Personally, the POS system needs to be deleted


Last time I even touched it was to vote on 3 of the 4 enemy team that stuck it out to the end of a comp match.

It’s only breeding new forms of toxicity and I know it’s not being used right. I’ve seen clips of someone flaming at his team and getting endorsed 3 seconds after. I’ve heard second hand about how they had a highly endorsed player who was very toxic.


I was at 4 lastnight…signed off, played 5 games, endorsed on each one. got thrown into the last 22 seconds of a defeat as backfill, left as soon as I saw the words defeat and I got pushed to a 3 automatically.

  1. The system still sucks
  2. Not my problem I was forced into a game with 22 seconds left, even at that to stay until it ended still should not warrant a decay in an endorsement level
  3. Ran into a few toxic folks too.

Endorsement Decay?

i lost it for th 8th time for no reason. but dont ask support for it, theyll just delete the ticked with no answer. its a typical blizz bug which gets never fixed. so dont mind…


At this point, they should just delete this unnecessary and broken feature all together if they don’t intend on repairing it or giving any response.

Or, the option for the players to turn off their endorsements all together. Its so frustrating seeing your endorsement level decrease for no particular reason at all.


i bet theyll implent a pay-for-endorcement-system. 100% sure. dont forget, its blizzard


My suggestion is to ignore the system. We’ll forget why they tried it by Christmas anyhow.


My experiences as similar to those who have posted i.e. I fluctuate between a 4 and 3 for no apparent reason. The latest farce came last night, after playing for a good 3-4 hours. I had been receiving a steady stream of endorsements, but at the end of the night I get the message that my level has dropped from a 4 to a 3 RIGHT after a game I had received 2 endorsements in… This system is laughable at best.


Nearly the same exact thing happens to me often. The system is silly at best, broken at worst, but I keep caring enough to hope they’ll fix it at some point. :rofl:


It’s laughable to the point where all I need to do is ask someone in game “Want to know something funny?” and when they reply just say “Endorsement levels”


lol I might do that when I go do my pc placements.

End of day low level people (not low SR/MMR) people can get more loot boxes to unlock stuff. Any one over about 300 only get stuff when new hero’s drop or holiday stuff unlocks. Because about 98% of lootbox is duplicates by then.

Only place the endorsement is used is if you create your own LFG and say you need a certain lvl.

I don’t have the patience to wait an hour in LFG then wait 10 min because your 4+ stack.

Oh, if this is is being factored into my solo Que. Can I manually set an endorsement cap? I swear every time it goes back to 4 my Que goes from 0-30 seconds to anything over 2:00 minuets.


More gaming, more de-ranking… I ranked, and de-ranked, twice, over the course of 4 or so hours of gaming last night. In both instances, I lost my level 4 endorsement level after getting a bunch of endorsements.

Hey Blizz, want to chime in on how this joke of a system works? Or are you guys going to take your cues on customer interactions from your WoW track record…


My endorsement level has gone from to 4 to 3 a few minutes ago.
I don´t know why. I play almost every day. Generally i get minimum 2 ratings per game. I didn´t leave games before victory or defeat. I can´t imagine, that someone reported me. I wouldn´t know a single reason. I have fun while playing with my team and i was never toxic or unfriendly to others. :frowning:


Server crashed and it put me from 4 to 3. What is the point if they can’t build their games properly?


I got a message saying that i lost connection to the server and when i went back it said that i could join back. when i did i got a level down even though i got endorsements :confused:


Read through this all, i also dropped form 4 to 3 then got back up and dropped once again, i don’t know why, i wasn’t leaving matches early or anything, i was Qing with a friend which was endorsed 4 as well and he never dropped. EXCUSE ME WTF!?!?!


I got 3 last night played a few games few more endorsements and went to bed. wake up and lost it back down to 2. still getting endorsements but losing the levels? I haven’t been banned and I play the best I can as a silver player always trying to improve my game play.


Commented on this before, but I wanted to make note that I’m consistently dropping from 4 to 3 on a daily basis, quite literally. And not from lack of endorsements, I regularly get 3-4 per match so it can’t be explained away with decay. I’ve experimented with it before as well, and just from logging out and then back in again I’ve dropped from four to three, with no game play between. I get enough endorsements for level four each day I drop, only to log out for the night and come back to it the next day and have the level drop to three. It’s ridiculous.


Per a Support Ticket response I found:

Your endorsement level doesn’t drop when you are inactive. Your endorsement level will drop while you are actively playing if:

-You stop receiving endorsements.
-You are reported by other players in-game.
-You leave games before they’re finished. This may also cause your account to receive a Leaver Penalties.