Endorsement Level went down

Yup, lost most of the morning and had to report two players for being AFK during match (both were gold or platinum and the highest ranking in the team) yet I lose an endorsement level as well. Way to encourage me to keep playing the new meta, Blizz; Merry Christmas.

So wait… if no one endorses you, you get penalised? I didn’t know it was mandatory to endorse players? It should be entirely optional to do this. So, Blizz, just to be completely clear on this… you’re rewarding populism in a computer game!!!

I’m not going to actively endorse people every game for many reasons:

  1. Half the time, you’re too busy to have to look at other players’ plays and if I were to spend more time doing this, I wouldn’t be doing my job, in-game.
  2. If I have a bad match and takes 2mins, I am not going to sit in lobby, endorsing players.
  3. If a toxic or sabotaging player means our team simply cannot compete, I’m not going to spend time giving sympathy votes to players.
  4. Some times after a match, I will exit the game (I won’t make it a thing to make sure I endorse people before I leave).
  5. Some times you do other things rather than endorse people… LIKE REPORTING TOXIC PLAYERS!!!

At a loss, Blizz, I really am. What’s next? Lowering endorsements for saying hello too much?

if no one endorses you, you get penalised?

nope. but your endorsment level will decrease slowly

I didn’t know it was mandatory to endorse players

it’s not mandatory, it’s optional

  1. Half the time, you’re too busy to have to look at other players’ plays and if I were to spend more time doing this, I wouldn’t be doing my job, in-game

In team play (like Overwatch) you need to look at your teammates to be good teammate and be useful. That’s the game core.

  1. If I have a bad match and takes 2mins, I am not going to sit in lobby, endorsing players

You can endorse any time, e.g. during game search or after choosing your hero and waiting for new game start. And it take much less that 2 min :wink:

At all, you do not say about unability to endorse, you say that you’re not going to do that. As I say above, it’s not mandatory, so feel free to endorse people or not.

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Same here got lvl 4 about week ago and today I log in and it says that my level has gone down :frowning: .
I’m playing really often, still can’t remain in level 4 :unamused:
So I need to play non stop to stay there? That’s absurd :thinking:

No, it goes down if you don’t get enough endorsement in a specific set amount of matches.

If you take a break it doesn’t matter.
Only what matters is how many endorsements you gain per match.

I just got disconnected because my internet died and lost endorsement from 4 to 3. Apparently it thought I left the game on purpose? I don’t leave games… I stick it out win or lose.

The client can’t tell if your disconnect was on purpose or not.

You can learn more about this here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

I mainly put it here hoping someone from Blizz would see it and perhaps fix it… I’d rather not make a ticket for that unless I have to.

It’s really not fixable, it’s explained in the article i sent.

I don’t think it’s based on how many endorsements you get, but based on your ratio of how many games played vs how many endorsements you give. for me, it goes down if I forget to endorse a game or two, or if I’m playing with/against the same exact people and cannot endorse them after the first time (usually in 3v3 elim)


You don’t need to worry about this thread as it hasn’t been replied in 24 days. Please try to avoid Necrobumping threads as it’s against the forum code of conduct.

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There’s another reason because im always active and doing the best i can in a game and trying to avoid glitches in the game if there is any and my endorsement level went down for no reason

Doing your best is different than recieving enough endorsements to keep your endorsement level.

this happens to me almost every time i play it goes from 4 to 3 and than back

I have the same issue, I’m jumping between 4 and 3 all the time and randomly dropping to 3.

It is not a bug, you aren’t getting enough endorsements.

Please close this thread as it isn’t a bug and has been bumped multiple times for the exact same reason

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In my opinion the endorsements dont mean a damn thing anyway people do it for exp and I dont do it at all maybe ive done it a couple of times during the entirety of its existance but it needs to not reward exp otherwise its just meaningless

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Blizzard Support is specifically directing people here for some reason.

You will be directed here to report it as a bug. The customer support you contact are there for technical aspects, not in game reverts or bug reports.

They indeed put you through here if they believe it’s a bug.

Is CS part of the developer team?
Well, i can’t ask that since i do not work there so i won’t get a direct answer.

They redirect you here so you can report it as a bug if they feel like it isn’t behaviour it is.

But as far this is intended behaviour.

Your endorsement level will drop from these factors:

  • Leaving Matches early
  • (Unverified) Getting reported alot
  • (Unverified) Getting avoided alot
  • Not getting enough endorsements in a set specific amount of matches*

Usually the last one is the most common case, meaning that it’s actually normal that your level drops.
Unless you’re able to prove this isn’t intended, because it has been confirmed that it can drop because you’re not getting endorsed enough.

There was a bug a while back where endorsements were disappearing for no reason, and they might think you’re experiencing that. However, that hasn’t happened in a very long time, and endorsements have been working as intended for a while to my knowledge.

They will go up and down based on the average you receive per game. Many endorsements are required for maintaining levels 4 and 5, and I would personally know this since I often fluctuate between those levels. Sometimes I even drop to 3. Some game modes have people more likely to endorse or not, time of day can also be a factor. I would stop worrying about this because, in my opinion and experience, I don’t think a lot of people look at or care about the endorsement level… even when I had a 5 next to my name.

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