Endorsement level lost out of nowhere

This is not a bug but intended by design.

Customer Service handles specific customer issues such as troubleshooting account purchase problems, and technical issues such as disconnections. For problems related to the game not functioning as intended (which this is not the case), the bug report forum is used for that.

You’re saying it’s NOT a bug, but it’s designed to randomly drop down a level for no reason?

Then we’re looking at two different customer support sites, because there’s a technical support channel for technical issues and account problems and whatnot, and an actual customer support site. (Overwatch>Account>Not listed here; since endorsement level is a matter of my Overwatch account, I imagine it fits the bill here)

On top of that, the bug forums rarely get responded too; the known issues list rarely updates. There’s no evidence that it gets read with any amount of consistency.

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Not randomly, if you leave games (including disconnections) your endorsement level can drop. If you don’t earn endorsements as you play games, it will decay across matches played.

Bug report forums do not receive responses unless they need more information about issues they are tracking. Please read their guidelines here:

Hey there, Matthew!

My name is Game Master Tuyahbe and I hope you’re doing really well! Thanks for hitting me up today! (╭ರᴥ•́)

Your endorsement level can decrease if you do not continue to receive endorsements or leave games before they’re finished.
Punishments within the reporting system may also strip players of their endorsement level and place them at level 0.

Here is a good link for you to check out the content: https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/8uouw1 so_apparently_your_endorsement_level_can_derank/

If you have any other questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact us back. We’re always here to help. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for your patience again and I hope you have a great day!
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4 days ago
I literally recieved level two, stopped playing Live Overwatch to go the PTR, and when I opened Live the next day I had been demoted to one. I literally didn’t play more than one match as level two.
4 days ago
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4 days ago

This sounds like it may not be working properly, and Customer Support is not able to go into the game to make manual adjustments.

• Please share your experience on our Bug Report forums for our Overwatch Development team to see: https://battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/22813881/ That way we can work towards getting this resolved for moving forward in a future patch or hotfix.

As a note, you may not receive a direct response on your Thread, but data will still be collected.

If you have ideas on how to improve the system, and you’d like for them to gain some traction. The absolute best place to do that is the official forums. http://battle.net/en/feedback Our developers monitor the forums, and are constantly looking for new ideas to implement into our games. Some of the best ideas come from the least expected places. We are open-armed to your feedback, and consistently improve our games based on the voices of our players.

(Customer Support does not relay feedback on behalf of players.)

I am glad you contacted us, so we could help out by pursuing this for you. Thank you for this opportunity, your time, and for reaching out to Blizzard Entertainment. I hope from here you have an empowered rest of your Thursday.

This is a copy of my discussion with Customer Support; the important stuff where they actually answer my questions. It does not violate the CoC, because even though it is a direct conversation between myself and a GM, it does not discuss disciplinary actions. It’s a shame I even have to add a disclaimer, but here we are

That’s not what people are saying. They are saying that they randomly drop, without disconnection, whilst earning endorsements.

I have. That’s like the Mercy Megathread, “being read daily” when everyone knows they aren’t. A lot of people are disillusioned with the idea that the devs read the forum daily, that they pay attention to what’s said on the forums.

This was posted a few days ago…

And? That’s not a lot of proof. I got the same trolling message a few months ago on the old forums. In the meantime, a lot of feedback appears to go ignored.

That was also a week ago. The only things said since have been regarding a PTR patch and the weird server issue last night.

I will let that be your opinion. In the meantime, I will continue to provide information as I have received it from Blizzard.

Keyword here being ‘appears’, which is the sort of thing Tom directly referred to in his “trolling message”.

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It’s not just my opinion. The post that comment came to was literally made because people hadn’t heard from the devs.

Anyway, this has gone off topic.

Back to the subject at hand, endorsement levels are dropping for no reason; no leaving a match, no disconnect, recieving endorsements anyway. This can’t be by design.

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everybody seems to be making this posts at the same time, between 1 and 2 am EST. Everyday, you decay endorsement, regardless of whether you are currently being endorsed or not. Play a few more rounds and you’ll be back to rank 3.

On the other hand, note that if you leave a match (be it comp or quickplay) you lose endorsements. If you get banned, silenced, or suspended, you lose all of your endorsements.

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And yet, a lot of the feedback on say the Mercy threads go ignored. Bug posts tend to go ignored and unfixed (see Sombra, Reinhardt, Doomfist)

You can’t really justify the post where the Devs claim to read everything on the forums, when there’s proof on multiple occasions that they don’t.

The post where Jeff outright admits that the team had no idea what was going on with Doomfist’s bugs, despite his numerous threads regarding them.

And you can’t really prove that it gets ignored.
Not receiving a reply is not the same thing as being ignored. We have no idea what they do in-house.

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I actually can.
Mercy Megathread has had hundreds of thousands of posts in it; the one currently active has something like 15000 comments on it? With the new forum rules, you can see how many posts someone has read. Since the megathread was created for the new forums, no mod/dev has come close to the number of posts read for the megathread.


That doesn’t mean they’re ignoring the feedback that’s posted there. Do you really expect them to sit down and read through every single post on the forums? They actually have a game to develop, you know. If they miss a piece of information such as something to do with Doomfist’s bugs, it may just be because they didn’t have the time to read it. But that’s not the same as ignoring, which has intent.

Mr. Owl is clear af about the Tootsie Pop.

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They say that they do. They set the bar, I"m just holding them to it. And it kind of does mean they’re ignoring it, directly or indirectly. They aren’t reading the feedback.

Oh no. Don’t give me that. At the time of that post, there had been three megathreads regarding Doomfist’s bugs that had been open for months. THere had been hundreds of examples on general discussion and the bug forums. There is no excuse for them to not have seen it.

It has to do with reports, I’m not going to lie, I was toxic the other day, all agreed to report me deserved) after the game I lost my level.

All I’m saying is don’t base your argument off assumptions.

Also, going to add that the post you linked did not explicitly imply that they have been ignoring feedback. Jeff simply explained that posts similar to the one he replied to were not useful when it comes to feedback. Nowhere did he say he had no idea of Doomfist’s issues.
This is another argument based off an assumption.

I accidentally read your post and decided to check out on Tootsie Pop. It was a fun and interesting read. And if you are reading, we don’t have Tootsie Pop here. We have Chupa Chups.