End Of Season Rank and Rewards

I took a screenshot to prove my end ranks were not correct. After experiencing the rank up bug I climbed back to Platinum 5 and stopped playing. At the end it shows my high in gold for damage instead of Plat 4 (though because of the bug even this is incorrect). Can I upload screenshot?

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The Devs have acknowledged this bug: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023. However, we still need to keep spreading the word about this bug so that they actually fix it unlike the bugged career profiles and missing end-of-season rewards from other previous seasons like Season 36. Here’s a link to my post in case you’d like to read more about this issue: Comprehensive Thread Of All Top 500/Competitive Bugs. I’ve compiled a list of posts regarding similar bugs under: Incorrect End Of Season Competitive Rank And Rewards (Seasons 1-3). Please help in spreading the word about this megathread and other related threads, we must demand the Developers to give us the rewards we rightfully earned.

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Thank you for sharing that. How are there this many bugs in a live service game? And man I have posted about some of those exact things, I even saw some of the diamond bugs talked about. Okay, so you had like 50 replies from “people” at blizzard and they’ve not done anything. That’s disheartening.

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It’s incredibly disheartening, but not at all surprising. Luckily, your specific bug garnered enough public outcry that the Devs were forced to address it, but it’s unfortunate that this is the only way the Devs will acknowledge such issues as these considering the sheer number of other bugs like wiped career profiles and missing Top 500 rewards that have yet to garner such a similar level of outcry…