End game showed "Victory" but logged as Defeat

I just finished my 3rd competitive placement match. after a mid game disconnect and then reconnecting and finishing the match with a victory, it was logged as a defeat after the match. Was this because i lost connection mid game? i don’t understand?

happened to me as well.

me too

My problem has nothing to do with victory poses.

Super late reply, but yes. It was probably because of the disconnection. I haven’t seen an official post about how long you can be gone, but the common number people quote is 2 minutes since that is the grace timer displayed to your teammates when you disconnected. After the grace period, even if you reconnect, you are still held responsible for the time lost and will receive a 50 point SR deduction and receive a loss even if your team wins. Someone mentioned that while their placement screen said loss after the win, their stats in their career profile reflected it as a win, but that their SR still took the hit based on their teammates’ final placement vs their’s.

Here is an official notice on leaver penalties and technical issues like disconnections: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties