Elephant in the room. Spoiler, it's Ana


can someone tell me the new ana changes? cant find it. thanks :smiley:


Shots from biotic rifle will no longer hit allies with full health.

Also she can nano herself in free-for-all death match.


You do know Jeff announced they’ve been looking into buffing Ana, have been testing stuff, and might have something for her in the next PTR cycle or the one after it, right?


Honestly, and don’t take any of this the wrong way, but I really love playing Anna. You can’t really compare her healing to Moira however. She is an aoe Healer whereas Anna is a hit scan healer.

She also has the ability to shut down really any ultimate in the game with a well-placed sleep dart. No other character has that. And with her anti-grenade, she is awesome against our newest support. That ultimate of hers Does no good when she has that D buff from the need.

Now, I do agree that she needs some on mobility but I’m not exactly sure what that would really be. Honestly, if she just moved a bit quicker, I would be happy there.

Not to mention, Anna never had a viable place in dive mirror. Now that Davey is over, we might start seeing Hannah a bit more. Just my prediction anyways.

Also, sorry about any miss spellings in the post or words that don’t seem to fit. Traveling and using voice to text into lazy to go back in there manually edit.



I don’t play Ana even though I have had some interest in her in the past (have her golden weapon) and I can flat out say ANA NEEDS MAJOR MAJOR BUFFS.

I 100% support you and I want to see Ana get the support she needs to flourish.




Please stop comparing Moira and Ana. Moira has nothing more than healing and damage. The damage potential can be halved by avoiding orbs which is doable half of the time or by having D.Va on the enemy team, which there is pretty much every game. Ana brings long range healing and damage, potentially higher ttk than Moira, land 3 shots and most heroes are dead. Long range 5s timeout, and a grenade that completely shuts down enemy healing, which heavily counters Zen who is a meta pick who again you see most of the time.


People blamed Ana, but a big problem was in fact the high damage tanks had at those times.
D.Va was op, Rein became Sonic with NanoBoost, Hog compensated the dps and Zarya was also prenerf during Season 3.

If there would be tank meta again, then with Moira, since she can burstheal them way better than Ana.


Also Lucio’s AOE healing was so much larger of a radius. Tank meta existed because of the combined strength of Lucio’s ever-reaching heals with Ana’s grenade that at the time I think literally DOUBLED all healing.

It made tanks unkillable between the two.

Lucio has long since been changed, that was ages ago now.

I think if Ana was reverted to her release state she would arguably be viable. Like flat out reverted to release. Lucio + her and these other factors you mentioned led to the tank meta. Not Ana by herself!


I expect more buffs to Ana for the next few patches. Yeah this new ptr won’t do much for her but it’s a step in the right direction. They clearly want to help her out now and they wanna be careful doing it.

Of course Ana needs a ton of help but we’ll get there let’s just look at these new changes as a win for now and we’re guaranteed to be getting more.


I hope you are right.

To me these are just too small and too incremental.

We need to see something dramatic happen like adding speed boost back to Ana’s ultimate.


I compare the two as they are the BEST main healers for deathball team compositions, and with Moira clearly being the more viable of the two, Ana is left with no space at all to compete for a position in the game. Let’s not pretend that Ana is designed to heal at long range when as soon as she is away from her team she has a large target on her back that a specific gorilla and Korean insect are itching to jump onto. The two are also comparable statistic wise as Ana was designed to be the high skill cap carry healer within the game. If Ana can neither out damage or out heal a lower skill floor hero then what is the point of her existence? Let’s also not pretend that the grenade gets massive anti heal value either since the majority of the time Ana has to use it to heal herself and receive a fraction of the value out of it by healing 100 hp compared to anti healing 2 or more people. On paper, yes Ana does have higher ttk than Moira. However, the statistics clearly show that Moira averages more eliminations and less deaths than Ana for a reason. Sleep dart is NOT a long range ability, it’s increasingly difficult to aim at targets with it the further they are from you and Ana can only shut down ultimates if someone is in arms reach length of her, or if she has a stroke of luck. If Zen was countered so easily by Ana then why are we not seeing Ana drive him out of the meta or in pro play?


I never want to see Beyblade Reaper back. That’s what a revert would do. Or a speed boost.

First it was Rein and he could go on a rampage, but when people started to do it with ulting reaper, he was unstoppable.


I can understand why you don’t wish to compare them, but Ana was designed to be the high skill cap, burst healer with high carry potential. Moira was designed to output raw healing at a low skill floor level which I have no problem with. But with Ana never being able to compete with Mercy as a dive comp healer, Ana has been knocked down to strictly being a deathball healer as her best fit role which Moira obviously outclasses her in terms of. If Ana has all these healers which are better to pick from, then what is the point of her? Mobility I don’t see as a possibility for her as she still is susceptible to dive comp and would still leave her as outputting less value to the team than Moira or Mercy.


Her stats for healing in comparison to Moira are a moot point because of 2 things.

  1. Last I checked Healing provided by the secondary healer but amped by Bio-nade dosn’t coun towards Ana’s healing, so that sick bio combo and amp it up will register for the Lcuio.
  2. Ana has utility, the most reliable Crowd Control in the game provided landing it and more burst helaing with bio nade combo’s.

Now i agree she needs buffs in certain aspects but I do very much believe that we only need minor changes, the fact that Ana’s pickrate only dipped afer Roadhogs iniial nerf and has actuallly risen slightly alongside Brigitte (who helps enforce and deal with the Dive heroes which was Ana’s primary problem along iwth none of her good synnergies being meta)

An ability to get limitted healing through barriers
A passive self heal
A wall climb

These 3 things would fix the hero right up.


I see your point but on the flip side, Ana’s winrate is abysmal. It is absolutely abysmal. Winston and Tracers and Genjis absolutely abuse her, she is in a complete state of decay and disarray.

She needs this sort of power.


That’s not the issue, the majority of the community sees Ana as a near balanced hero. The devs said before that she’s almost in a very good spot and they would give her minor buffs. She’s not able to compete in a viable healer spot at the moment. Moira and Mercy over shadow her as the best main healers in the game for dive and deathball compositions respectively and shoves Ana directly out of the game. If they intended to buff her survivability, they surely would have added it within this patch since it is already a part of every other healer’s kit.


And she might get it because of meta swap. Just like Rein. People call him trash but he’s actually not. Rein is a great tank. You know what he’s not good for though? And that’s dive.

I lump Ana with him as well. Like I said, I’d like to see some work on her mobility, but otherwise she’s great as long as someone has the skill to play her. Just like Widow is great, but requires the skill.

Ana just doesn’t do dive because she slow and can’t keep up with Genji, Tracer, Winston, or D.Va which hold the cream of the crop for dive.

Moira and mercy can keep up. The only expcetion to that dive meta rule is Zen, but that’s only because he can pack a punch bigger then half the dps can.


I honestly don’t even love the piercing shots. Yes, it’s annoying when a full HP Genji decides that you aren’t going to heal that Winston or secure the kill on that Widow, but the change feels really weird, and somewhat contrary to what makes Ana difficult. I worry that Blizzard sees the issue of “Ana’s allies messing up her shots” and thinks “We should change Ana to fix that.” Also, before these changes, if you shot someone you knew was about to take damage, your healing over time would mitigate the damage they took, whereas now, you’ll just whiff.

I would’ve much rather had them try shots that pierce (minimally) through barriers or even a movement ability before this. Honestly, they could even try letting her shots pierce through every target she hits, with its effectiveness being, say, halved each time it goes through something.

I also really really want them to at least try a passive like OP suggested, but I had the idea of making healing effects ~20% stronger on her. That’d make it easier for her to sustain herself with bionade, and also ally supports will have to focus less on her.


I haven’t seen a person anywhere claim Ana’s a balanced hero in months. Definitely not since we got Moira. Hell, I recognize she and at least a couple other heroes could use a buff. And guess what? Some are well on the way. Ain’t that not enough to render this thread mute at this point?