Effects randomly and rarely get the wrong attributes


I’ve got a little workshop here that leaves a trail of spheres along the player’s motion path. According to the code, the spheres are always green, and their scale is a function of the player’s speed at that position. The delay between spheres is also adjustable, and they only emit when the player is moving.

Every once in a great while, a sphere will come out with unexpected attributes. Today, that happened twice in quick succession, creating what looks like concept art for a restaurant called “Möbius Spoon: Burger Monsters” (personally, I don’t think it’ll catch on - ‘möbius spoon’ is already a strained idea, and setting it in the context of hamburgers and cookie monster doesn’t really help clarify things).

Here’s a picture, if the above description wasn’t sufficient:

Here’s the workshop code:

Bye :slight_smile: