Echo Voice Lines

Honestly, not very impressed by Echo’s voice lines. As a full blood Singaporean, I feel the Singaporean Accent is totally NOT there; it lacks authenticity. The accent was totally romanized and pronunciations are totally off!
Blizzard please address this as our accent and slangs are what makes us people of Singapore, Singaporean and it is part of our culture.
Disappointed, not going to lie.

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Tbh, I just don’t think they chose the right VA for Echo. Very disappointing.

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On top of that, she’s from Liverpool and she’s not even Singaporean. Very sad.

don’t we have the coronavirus deal going on right now???

Honestly, that is upsetting but she wouldn’t be the first to have that kind of treatment (Torbjorn, Lucio, and Pharah and she doesn’t even have any Arabic voice lines). However I think because Echo is a robot and technically not Singaporean like Dr. Liao was, nor would she be a native speaker of the language, her accent/pronunciation would be off (like with when she speaks the Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, etc of other characters). This doesn’t make it ok because if you’re going to make a character speak a language the VA should hopefully know it or try to learn the language/how to say certain lines, like with Lucio‘s VA.

Please Blizzard hear our plea… The Singaporean accent is just not right.

It’s “shiok” not shook.

she’s a robot

who is just copying what she hears

a baby robot basically, like orisa