Echo Ult Cancellable

I understand if Echo were a support, and she ults, she would not heal for 15s. But what if she could stop her ult by pressing Q again, if an ally needs healing? She would ult, watch her teammates, make a play, and turn back.

One enemy ult per Echo’s ult is a good idea too.

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I think if you want to make her a support you’ll have to near do away with her current ult entirely.
That, of have it so she copies an ally she tags or something? Become “their echo”? I don’t really know what else to say on that, but for a healer not to heal, even for a moment, and especially with an ult, makes them not worth support to me.

I don’t think she would be bad. Copying an ally, like you suggested, or copying an enemy could give a support some utility and some freedom to make plays that a team needs. That seems like support to me. “Let’s have another turret, more armor or copy enemy’s sniping/tank to take out someone on their team/provide more shielding!” Utility is support-like in my opinion.

It is also DPS-like I suppose.

And Echo’s kit doesn’t need to change drastically. Her beam (can be right-click) can heal or damage. Her bombs can heal (instantly) or damage (after delay like original). That’s all she needs. If devs don’t want her to be too much like Moira, they could just change the beam.

I just hope Devs realize their vision of what Echo could be instead of giving up too quickly.

Had a brain burst moment about her beam.

What if it auto locked closest shield and closest ally and “transferred” the beam shield as a Lucio over shield of sorts? That would be pretty amazing. Balanced? No idea, would need testing, but awesome. Would also mean it turns an enemies defence against them and thus still helps deal with shield walls.

I don’t actually mind the duplication. I do believe, however, she should not get a bonus life from it, nor access the enemies ult while using it. Either that, or only duplicate the enemies ult if recently used? All ideas, not sure which would be best.

As for her bombs, I still think that should be a charge shot, and I would have liked it to do small damage and displace (like junkrats stick bomb).

Keep in mind, I understand simplicity is important. But let’s go over your suggestions.

If Echo heals with her beam, she could drain shields around her decently and heal more accordingly.

And I really don’t think she should get an extra life when ulting. But she should get 1 use of copied ult, because in order to copy, she needs to use her ult. Maybe allowing her to use an enemy’s ult, if her enemy uses it first. But the game would be better if simple. So adjusting how quickly Echo gets her ult charged, would cause her to copy an ult about every time her opponents ults.

Mmmm. Charging her bombs. If her bombs do a little less damage, it would be better if she doesn’t charge, because she often needs to fly when launching her bombs. Flying and aiming would be harder. I don’t think she should charge her bombs. Another reason I argue, is because I would love to surprise opponents, and have a good shot at taking out key targets (other supports or snipers in the back line).

But displacement is ok because that would give her more utility. Maybe she could displace opponents from position, like Lucio.

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She could do a Phara with displacement too but throwing enemies apart or sending supports into the front line. Always a nice bit of chaos there. I’ll agree that, reduce damage and add push means no charge. It really would add a nice utility to her.

As for beam, I don’t want it to be a clone of Moira, but I would still like to see it do only double damage to a shield if nothing else. the 50% health thing is just cheesy to me.

Her ult, to me, would be amazing if it just copied an enemy hero from, say, 6 seconds prior to what they had. So If they had an ult 6 seconds ago, so does she.

Your suggestions are looking great.

But just one argument. I think Echo should use a copied ult whenever she has ult. It takes patience and effort to charge a full ult. And Echo should be rewarded for it. I think if Echo uses her ult, she should be able to copy 1 ult. Just make her ult charge slower.

Edit: If the devs approve of it, I’m fine with Echo only using a copied ult after an opponent uses an ult. It’ll be like an echo. Could be crazy. And it could cause opponents to think which ult to use and when. I think it’s possibly alright.

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Oh yes that sounds awesome!

If she used it on an enemy right after they ult’d I want a phrase “back atcha” or something. I’d be all for that.

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Reasonably quick ult charge then, so she could echo quite a number of ults. But that suggestion and kind of quote looks alright in my opinion.

Only thing I’d like tweaked is players can’t swap heroes while she’s ulting as them. I find that a big problem for an ult that lasts 15 seconds! So I’d probably reduce that uptime to half that, honestly.

That’s too complicated. Devs would have to change code for changing heroes.

And changing heroes can be a good way to counter Echo’s ult. Good game mechanic. And heroes have to be gone or in base to change anyway. It shouldn’t be a problem.

I think fewer number of suggestions have better chance of being implemented.

I think a flat system: Echo copies target, max health is reset to new target max and healed to that point => 4 seconds counts down to give people time to react to that => She ults as that target => She completes the ult (some are instant, some are duration) => 4 seconds after that, she reverts to herself, but health is NOT reset. If her current as the copy was higher than her norm, she can come down to max as Echo, but if she got to 30 health as the copy, she comes back to 30 health as Echo. Oh and if she dies, she dies. Her timers suspend in case Mercy should rez, but if she respawns at spawn, the ult is lost. Just like anyone else…

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Reylliam has good points. But keep in mind that Echo players usually won’t know how to play heroes they copy as well as mains.