Echo PTR nerfs - Slight breakdown

She needs ~2000 points of damage to get her ultimate.
The 16% ultimate charge nerf also applies to her duplicated ultimate charge.
(Note: This applies differently, some duplicated heroes still build it just as fast. E.X. Reinhardt still gains 31% on hit.)

New Discovery: Some tanks are not affected by this ultimate charge increase, some tanks are iffy. This is the same for DPS while McCree is affected, Ashe is not. Supports may be unaffected.

New Notes: McCree’s first shot gives the full charge, the next shots do not.

Previously she only needed to land 2 headshots as McCree to get Deadeye, she now needs to land 3 headshots or 2 headshots and a body shot.

Her sticky bomb damage went from 30 to 25.
Total damage went from 210 to ~180. (The stick does 5 damage).
You can no longer 1 shot 200 HP heroes by sticking all 6 onto them.

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all of this sounds good to me. maybe a few cooldown changes but otherwise i think these are great

so is her impact damage 5, explosion 25 and stick damage 1?

I’ll edit that in a second.

The stick does 5 damage, explosion does 25.

These nerfs were to be expected though, as Sticky Bombs could one-shot opponents at their spawn from very long ranges, while Duplicated has a pretty short charge rate for Echo’s high damage output.

I was also expecting to see a Flight buff, I hope we’ll get that before Echo goes live.

I’ll edit it again!!

It’s not enough, but it’s a start.