Echo is now weaker now

We’ll see how “viable” she is when she’s live on servers, hopefully they don’t damage her too much. Also to people who see me as a troll, then you obviously are trolls yourselves because of the ‘Echo needs to be support’ post or 'Echo is an insult" post, or even ‘Echo is WORST DPS ever!’ post.

The title says weaker than ever and I’m sitting here thinking when was “ever”? she just came out.

I mean technically it’s correct

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Well I mean. Think about it. Lets take a moment and pretend they nerf her regular abilities even more.

The sheer flexibility and unpredictable behavior of her ult alone makes her insane in the right hands when it comes to winning a team fight.

On top of that, she gets her ult fairly quick.

She is an odd hero. She is like a hybrid hero who feels as if they combined numerous heroes into one and found balance.

But her Ult breaks that balance.

Then why nerf her abilities and not just her ult then? If her ult is THAT OP, then wouldn’t they focus more on her ult? Also they buffed tracer to where she can go high ground and that’s fair now?

It would cool if they reduce the CD of Sticky Bombs to 4 or 3 sec instead of 6.

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It was literally fixed out in the same patch Echo got her nerfs


Okay, I’ll let that slide then. But these Echo nerfs will get out of hand.

My guess is because her right click is a spam ability. Once off CD, its really easy to spray and pray.

HOWEVER, to be fair. I think the real reason is because its easy to glue all the charges onto a large target like a tank.

She also has a 6 second cooldown on said sticky bombs, so she can’t spam it and has to use her other abilities to even be viable as well. Next thing they might work on is her focusing beam.

Yea, that does seem a little odd. Nerfing damage on a 6 cd ability seems harsh when it was not gross powerful. Prob should lower the cd.

But they saw the pros sticking all the charges to tanks over and over and killing people in doorways and with its small AOE effect, so nerf hammer.

Look at what they did to Hammond. Echo is just joining the club early is all.

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Jeez just get over it :unamused: She’s literally multi-class with her ult.

She needs the nerfs. She came out as broken as Brigitte, and that’s saying something.

But do they really need to be very harsh nerfs?

Yes. The girl does way too much. Recent heroes have come out with overly bloated kits, that make heroes like Pharah seem antiquated.

I was kidding, this is my best response for a post like this, but maybe its too soon to joke about this particular thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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And Reaper’s damage is fair? I’ve seen his damage and it’s FAR from fair, and his ult which takes no skill AT ALL does so much damage that even when a genji is deflecting, genji STILL dies.

Gotcha. I will admit that I just had an r/wooosh moment. Hard to tell in text, dammit!

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Reaper doesn’t fly for days and actually needs to get close to people to do real damage. And if you let him get that close, he’s not the problem.

I’m sorry but if wraith mode that literally makes him invincible isn’t a problem then idk what is. Also, they fixed her flight.