Echo is not supposed to be on competitive

They clearly stated that echo is supposed to be banned for the 1st 2 weeks, I think it’s a bug or they forgot to put her on the ban, which is bad.

Edit: NVM, rules changes and echo is intended to be played on comp

Please report bugs in #bug-report.

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I am investigating this. Prior to Echo the rule has always been to give 2 weeks before making a hero available for Competitive Play, obviously my post from the Hero Pool draw is in contradiction and I apologize.

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Echo is intended to be available in Competitive Play. Not a bug! As with Sigma, and based on community feedback, we want to make new heroes available to players earlier.


Pretty bad decision. Allowing a hero that players have virtually no experience with outside of maybe a few hours at max on PTR (where, may I add, the matchmaking is nonexistent) really takes a blow to the integrity of competitive mode, since it’s basically allowing players to use it as a non-serious playground to try out the new hero. I can understand wanting to have players try out the new hero earlier, but there are various other game modes where other players won’t be potentially affected. Another note to add: it can’t be expected that players just ‘won’t play the hero’ even if they have no experience with Echo, it’s a case of “new toy syndrome” where they will continually play the hero, potentially sabotaging the match from playing poorly, introducing a completely toxic element to the already sensitive competitive environment.

And of course, it’s a double edge sword. There’s also player experience. Hardly anyone has the experience of playing against Echo, since the PTR has a very small playerbase compared to live, thus upsetting the natural setting of comp by throwing in an unnecessary wild card.

Of course, since Echo has already been unleashed onto the competitive mode, she shouldn’t just be blatantly removed since that form of damage control wouldn’t do any good since hundreds of matches have already been ruined, and players have built up some experience to playing with and against the hero, but I would highly suggest to keep the 2 week delay on every future hero.


Feel like the shifts from 2-weeks, to then the next competitive season, to then INSTANTLY (at least im pretty sure this was the order in which the release for ranked with new characters was) is insanely drastic. Feel like at least give 1 week and then enable her.

Gives some time to get used to the final version of her, see how she’s used in team play (like with the upcoming open divison tournament), and just some play time. Will everyone be happy with this? Probably not, but I can guarantee it’s better than instantly or the next comp season.

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If the player didn’t play her on the ptr,he wouldn’t have played her in QP either.
So that changes strictly nothing .