Echo and a Toronto map - for OW?


In addition to the OW2 announcement? This would make Blizzcon for me… hope Stylosa is right.


Sounds like echo is hero 32. We kinda already knew that tho


Yeah but early leaks said no new hero for OW at Blizzcon.


If they call it overwatch 2. ( 2 ) implying a whole new game.

Why would they call it overwatch 2 if their only adding 1 map and 1 hero…

Ill be super bummed if that’s the case… Been playing the same hero’s for like 4 years… need more than just 1…


toronto map nice no one asked for that.

again just pleasing OWL investors.


That can’t be right tho. They know everyone would be outraged without a new hero


Fortnite 2 is also called fortnite 2 because of it’s complete overhaul.


Get real. It’s for us Canadians and the tight Toronto community here.