Earthshatter animation bug (with video)


Disclaimer: yes the first 2 happened due to Hog’s ult (could also be due to this bug tho), but the last one wasn’t and then came the Shatter.

Also today I had a bug (without video proof sadly), that a Self Destruct killed me and 2 teammates through my shield (that had over 1,2k HP at that moment, it fell a few meters away from it and still killed us.


This is on the known issues list


I’m not talking about the 2 times that had Roadhog’s influence, but the last time before the real Shatter, that one had nothing to do with him, and already happened with a lot of streamers.


I just had this happen. The enemy team had no Roadhog. Sadly I couldn’t record it but the animation happened twice, then hit.


They say they fixed the bugs in his shatter, but I swear everything is worse than it was before.


pretty much, feels bad to play him


I’d like to quickly talk about this issue, currently after the Reinhardt “fix” (double shatter issue) the bug only seems to be worse. When I talk about the bug being progressively worse this is what I mean… Recently there has been a widespread Reinhardt bug affecting all the live servers and I believe the PTR before they prevented him from being playable. The bug before the current patch only seemed to happened if Reinhardt was pushed around by Roadhog’s ult. After the issue was brought up multiple times on the forums Blizzard responded quickly addressing the issue in a professional manner which I’m sure the community greatly appreciates. Now after Blizzard responded there was a “fix” that Blizzard sent to the live servers rather quickly. I believe that Blizzard needs to take more time trying to fixing this because I feel like it was rushed. Now a lot of you are probably thinking "Wouldn’t be better if they tried to get the fix out as soon as possible?"
This is my response… I think Blizzard acted very professionally when handling the issue but now with this new “fix” life the bug only seems to be getting worse and worse, I’m gonna be honestly here, I’d rather see this “fix”
be reverted as it has only seem to cause more issues than the problem before. These new issues I speak of consists of Reinhardt repeating the broken animation more than 1 time, as I’ve seen it happen 2,3, or even 4 times without any form of interruption being present during the initial cast animation. This bug has caused major game issues in competitive and quick play causing people to lose games, have unfair advantages, etc. Blizzard, this shatter bug is more of an issue than you think. This bug needs to be fixed asap but I would like for time to be taken if that’s what it takes to properly fix the issue.