E Sports Team Looking For Players

Hi I’m the owner of two ps4 esports teams. We may not be official in Jeff kaplan eyes yet (He’ll answer his phone eventually) but we still want players. We’re super supportive of others and the whole point of the team isn’t to necessarily win but to improve our skills and know the wins will come later.

Call us an e sports team or call us just a ps4 team it matters not the point is we just want to play together and have fun !

We do not allow toxicity of any kind and am only looking for team placed players. We don’t discriminate by rank so we’ll accept any level 1500+ (any lower and I start to get scared for you)

If your interested in playing with us please message in the forum or message the ps4 account king_tracer_ODA

I’m not sure if they can keep up their E-sport scene forever. Best play another game that can handle E-sports better.

How do you know Jeffs phone when you cant even spell his last name right?


I don’t think you understand what an “esports team” is

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Thank you for the good laugh, lol it actually makes me question…

This isn’t an esports team and it’s better if you post this in LFG.

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I would highly recommend posting this onto Overwatch PS4 Discords. Posting on there will lead much better success than on here.