DVA consistently gets punished for doing what she was designed to do


She just does too much as tanks which is too universal. Other tanks can’t achieve the same goal like D.Va. That’s all they have to “SLIGHTLY” nerf her to be more in line with other tanks.

Balance-wise, her versatile is actually unrival and that part make her pick-rate high. Don’t you think being too much about versatile mean balancing for the class?

Ps. I’m main D.Va.


I am a DVA main as well and I would like you to consider for the moment her versatility. Is the reason she’s highly picked because there are no other tanks or because her mobility and movement are needed? The fact is that there is no other tank that can counter extremely popular heroes such as tracer, pharrah, and genji. All other tanks are too slow, cannot contest high ground, and are not able to peel off quickly to protect the backline.

So to answer your question, it’s not that she does too much. She does more than other tanks but that’s not a bad thing; it is very much needed. It is the community’s perception that she gets picked too much but the real question is, how often does she get picked as compared to other popular DPS heroes. I would be willing to bet if Blizzard compared the matches as far as what heroes are being played, Dva is in many games along with Tracer, Pharrah, and other difficult to counter heroes.


I really miss the old dva. Blizzard just keeps nerfing her to the ground and almost everyone wants more nerfs for her and I honestly think that this nerf comming to her will harm her a’lot.

She’s already not as good at tanking and now she won’t be as good at dealing out damage. Why? and of course they gave nothing to compensate her damage reduction. If there going to make her like this then why not have her not move slow when she uses her cannons anymore? she’s not tanky dva anymore so what’s the point? and wasen’t the whole point of her giant crit box to counter when she had 400 armor?

I honestly think the best state she was in was before they buffed her overall health to 600 for no reason and she was in that op state. Just before that I felt she was perfectly fine and I feel she could of been left like that but no of course not blizzard has there own way of doing things apprantly.

I started playing overwatch around season 2 and mained dva ever since then cause I thought she was really fun and she kinda still is but I’m sick of seeing her being nerfed to the ground while blizzard does nothing about over hero’s that are clearly op.


That’s the thing, I don’t really care about her damage as much as Blizzard feeling that she does “too much” when in reality the only reason she has a high pick rate is because she’s the only TRUE MOBILE TANK all other “tanks” are slow, cannot peel to protect backline, and cannot protect high ground.

The solution is to give us more options from the tank selection to contest pharrahs, widows, and other extremely powerful DPS heroes not to nerf dva and consistently blame her for what, in my opinion, she was designed to do.


I agree they def do need more options and not blame dva for everything cause your right she is the only mobile tank that can do all those things but they have got no one to blame but dva which isn’t right. It’s not her fault.


It is the community’s perception that she gets picked too much but the real question is, how often does she get picked as compared to other popular DPS heroes. I would be willing to bet if Blizzard compared the matches as far as what heroes are being played, Dva is in many games along with Tracer, Pharrah, and other difficult to counter heroes.

Wow, she is picked because the dps heroes are picked more or equal to her!!

The reality is no. She isn’t picked because she has to counter them. She is picked because she is strong to fight them.

Who don’t like a tank who can shutdown most dps with:

  • High burst damage up close
  • Good mobility
  • Highest health
  • High armor
  • Good defense ability
  • Great zoning ultimate
  • And 2 lives?

There is only one good option in the class and that isn’t healthy pick-rate.


I feel part of the problem stems from her ability to fire her rockets, and at the same time spamming her primary fire (which has no penalty other than slowing down her movement). Like you said, she can do too much.

She can literally chase the various high-mobility heroes across the map with her 3 sec. boosters on a short cooldown, burst down any 200 HP hero with next to no ability for counterplay, and completely delete incoming damage.

1. The main issue with DVA is defense matrix.
I personally have no issues with her Defense Matrix as it is, and what it used to be before she got her rockets, and removing it, at least to me, feels unnecessary.

2. DVA provides a much necessary role against flankers and, more importantly, Pharrah
This is more an issue caused by the stereotypical sh*tty DPS players and can’t reasonably be attributed to d.Va. Almost every game that has a Pharah in it sees Pharah ignored by the DPS players, whose job, among many others, is to keep the skies clear with their hitscan weaponry. This forces d.Va to be used as anti-air, which isn’t her job.

3. More importantly: as the topic says, DVA is a tank but yet consistently punished for being one
To me, d.Va feels like a tank with too much mobility, which, by extension, forces her into a role that doesn’t really fit her.

4. Her high pick rate is because she’s the only true mobile tank capable of challenging heroes with range
Not sure where I stand on this. I get your point, but I can’t help but feel like your team should counterswap if they have issues with ranged heroes, instead of leaving it to the d.Va to try and protect them from the ranged heroes and at the same time, peel for the team.

And this makes it difficult to come up with a fix, as there’s both a few issues with her current kit, but also with the mentality of the player base (and this, unfortunately, won’t change anytime soon).


As a D.Va main, I stopped playing because she is the only character that I find enjoyable, and she is trash still.
I dont feel that she does any damage, hence I have never lost to one because the second you look at her she dies.
If you fly into somebody spraying missiles and holding lmb, the enemy just flies away or heals INSTANTLY. She has no problems but like I say, I do not really care anymore so take what I say with a JAR of salt.


i agree. the real issue is that there need to be more tanks that can contest high ground and at least help move around quickly. in particular dealing with hanzo + widow without dva is a nightmare


The thing I’m wondering with this latest change, is why does d.va still have rockets?

As projectiles they have an incredibly long travel time, and thus hard to aim against a moving target - with such drastically reduced splash damage, why does she still have them? Ah yes, because they could burst down an enemy up close. I tested this - the splash damage may as well no longer exist at all. Stand up against a wall and fire a set of rockets at it point blank so you’re damaged by splash damage - even Zenyatta’s healing orb can out-heal it at this point.

I would suggest that the rockets now only exist to feed enemy healer ults. Bear in mind we lost half the DM duration for something which is now so low damage as to be almost without use. If I fire them at an enemy flanker attacking my healer, it appears to make no discernible difference to the time to kill the flanker. If I dive a widow attacking my healer, once again the rockets appear to make no difference to the time to kill.


If tanks ride into prominence again, it’s always D.va who gets punished. Doesn’t matter that Ana was a large chunk of the reason behind the initial TAnk Meta, nope, lets Punish D.va the hardest.
With the rise of tanks again - yes, it’s going to be D.va who takes the brunt of the abuse because it’s always her who does.

Don’t get me wrong, this current nerf is small, but they’re going to continue to nerf her until she’s either useless or back to being a boring DM bot…that is until the same whiners whining aobut her being too offensive whine about her being too defensive and the buffed-just-to-get-hard-nerfed cycle begins again.


Ok then why haven’t they nerfecd genji. He many times blocks more dmg than tanks. Has the highest mobility in the game. And has the best ult. in the game. And is one of the most played chars. in the game. It all applies to him too.


And is one of the most played chars.

No, D.Va is. Looking at statistic and we know that she needs something to be toned down. You can refuse to accept, but statistic is stills there.


There are several characters that have a higher pick rate in both general comp and pro scene. If you go off of win rate then once again there are several characters that have a higher win rate. If they nerf DVA why are they ignoring others.

Someone has to be able to counter widow. And DVA is just about the only one in the game that can.


The real issue about D.VA isn’t so much in her inherent design. It’s “mostly” fine aside from the monstrous damage. It’s not even because she provides what no other character can provide. It’s all in how most of the maps in the game aren’t disadvantageous towards Dive except for King’s Row and Lijiang Tower Control Center, two maps where Reinhardt Deathballs are supreme.

Even Geoff admitted it himself that the map design is an issue that they want to resolve to try and make Dive less versatile. D.VA just isn’t at a disadvantage because her mobility as well as Winston’s can be able to take advantage of high ground like Watchpoint Gibraltar.


Heroes shouldn’t be balanced around winrates. Even Jeff has said this on the old forums.
Take Symmetra and Torbjorn as an example. They have the highest winrate, but also the lowest pickrate.

Thats odd. You’d think someone with a high winrate should be played more.

Well, their winrate is inflated. They are usually picked for point A. If it works, will the player not switch.
If it doesn’t work, will the player switch to another hero to protect point B. The lost matched will be added on the winrate of the switched hero instead of Symmetra’s and Torbjorn’s.
This means that Symmetra and Torbjorn will get more wins added on their winrate than losses.

I disagree.

Winston and Genji are also great counters to Widowmaker.

Dva is just one of Widowmaker’s counters just like how Soldier 76 is one of Pharah’s counters.
Nerfing her rockets doesn’t maker her less of a counter to Widowmaker?
Dva still has a massive health pool, great mobility, unlimited short range primary fire and a shield.
This is like saying Soldier 76 will be a worse counter to Pharah if his helix rocket was nerfed.

Dva still hard counters Widowmaker.


I think the reason Dva is so hard to balance is because defense matrix is an impossible ability to balance. It has no middle ground between fully stopping dmg/abilities or not doing anything at all, and it’s essentially uncounterable. This is resulting in a exponentially increasing gap between what different skill-tiers are able to get out of it. And since the only aspects that can really be adjusted is duration, downtime and range that gap is never really narrowed. This means that if you somehow managed to make it perfectly balanced for pro-level players it would be awful for lower level players and if balanced for lower level players it is super strong in high level play.

I think the ability needs to be reworked if Dva is ever gonna be considered a “balanced” hero.


All that applies equally to Genji. All Genji has to to do is get in front of someone on his team and he can block anything. What he blocks and doesn’t block is the same as DVA but, he just gets the insane added bonus of being able to deflect it all right back on the opponent.


Sure, but everyone loves Genji, so that’s not going to change.


All that applies equally to Genji. All Genji has to to do is get in front of someone on his team and he can block anything. What he blocks and doesn’t block is the same as DVA but, he just gets the insane added bonus of being able to deflect it all right back on the opponent.

This is true, but there is still an important distinction between the two; Deflect has a set duration with a set amount of downtime, while defense matrix duration/downtime is, until a certain point, within the players control. This makes defense matrix much much harder to avoid because you can’t juke it and wait it out like deflect.

Also deflect is obviously taken to the extreme in terms of range, as it is literally melee range in comparison to defense matrix’s 15m.