Duplicate Legendary Anniversary boxes

Jeff can you please help me by giving me a legendary anniversary lootbox? I know it might sound greedy but… Its because that i did not receive that sort of lootbox on the first day and everyone else got one it for me it felt unfair so if your reading im not forcing you in any manor and i wont force you to accept this request. Thanks for understanding and reading this message.

Hi Jeff. I noticed a problem with the Halloween event.
I have all the event legendary skins but Halloween Ana’s. I got some legendaries, but those were all event duplicates (while I had yet to unlock Ana). So it looks like Halloween items were bugged to some degree.
Same was happening with the R.I.P. victory poses: I kept finding blue duplicates instead of these ones (the ones I didn’t unlock). I ended up buying these.

I was looking for something else and saw this and figured I’d share in case you’re tracking data.
My free box that i got from you guys was a duplicate that I had from last year (Sentai). I opened this prior to purchasing or earning any other loot boxes for the event.

Not looking for compensation (it was a free box after all) just adding that it does produce duplicates.