Dummy Bots to workshop


How about adding “dummy bots” that are spawneable on the map with workshop rules OUTSIDE of the normal “add ai” (dont take up player slots) ?

Dummy bots are essentially characters that have No AI on them, and are used for testing pruposes, or to be manipulated, They also dont take up player slots, their practically the same as bob or a turret would be,

as well, With the dummy bots some sort of way to target them and force them to do stuff could be great, You could have an ability spawn 5 reinharts that run forward and swing their hammers like crazy

They would also be great for overall practice, And it should really dont take that much work considering they dont have any AI so its really just a stationary hero


OHHHH YESSSS!!! :tired_face:


I want to create a summoneable wall of reinharts D:


Would be even better if they didn’t take up player slots, and you could have a lot of them


Its exactly what i meant to say by




This feature would be amazing to have for testing and just general fun (who wouldn’t want 5 Reins running at you).

I’m pretty sure they’ll limit it because of performance reasons.


Sounds like a pretty fun feature.

I want this, Blizz.


watch the interview with the workshop devs and darwinstreams made by stylosa


Servers can handle quite a lot…back when we had tbe bot glitch we had 18vs18 and the servers were ok

Plus this guys should have no AI so less performance impact

Yes there should be a limit, but a reasonable one


Actually, i recently stumbled upon a mode called “1 million mcrees” (or something like that). It used a bug to duplicate bots continuously. There weren’t enough space for the bots on the tab screen, and the numbers on the visible bots’ names went above 30. The bots were constantly attacking, ulting, dying and being ressurected and teleported too…

and yet… I had no performance or server issues at all. No framerate drops, no lag spikes, no server crashes, no extra latency.

The servers and the engine can definitely handle 30+ fully functional heroes at the same time without problems (that were added after the game started, mind you). Adding dummy ones that don’t do anything without being programmed using the already established workshops player settings and actions shouldn’t be a stretch at all.

This would be amazing for PVE modes. It would be a lot better to be able to have more than 6 enemies being teleported around at a time…


Preset code/technique?


Here’s the code: G0TW0
Ok, so i have no idea how this works or how you’re supposed to start it. I have not hosted this gamemode, but i saved the settings to look at how it works (It has always ended in an instant draw whenever i tried starting it). The mode may or may not function… I’m not really sure to be honest. It’s been about a week since i played it, and i haven’t seen it on the custom game browser since.

The link in the description leads to a discord server called “Workshop Trashmeisters”, which is seemingly owned by “Durkhaz”, the creator of this mode and another one called “Base Wars” and “CuddlyFlower”, the creator of the Agario and Mercy Pokewatch modes.

There doesn’t seem to be any instructions on how to start the custom game on the server, but you could ask Durkhaz directly, if you manage to get a hold of him :thinking:


Most likely the bug was fixed, the draw happens because there’s no 12+ bots spawning in.


exactly, the AI would have literlly no AI, it would basically be nothing more than what a random object on the ground does,

sure if you spawn like 50 it may lag, but just limit it to like, 25-30, or something,

im sure you can make something with that

Or heck, dont,

the servers already crash every 0.1seconds so who cares?


It could also have a similar coding system like the workshop already does,

Have a drag and drop screen where you can do something like

—> walk to objective
----> Shoot target
—> Walk to X coordinate
—> Priorize X target
—> Walk forwards
—> Follow X

and using the same workshop coding system, you could make it more advanced, like

If enemy on sight, then, use ability 2
if enemy on sight IS junkrat, Then, Not use ability 2


You could try D.vas created by the rules at the bottom called: “D.va build 1-4” in this mode code: B9P4J

D.va spawns them with the interact button.

They cant be manipulated in a normal sense, but you could make a single scripted AI bot (Roadhog AI hooking them or something) to manipulate them.