Dumb Audio Bugs


There are some bugs currently in Overwatch that are really annoying. Sym turrets sound doesn’t let you tell where they’re coming from. Mei has no footsteps, etc. Fix pls.


Yeah they moved my thread about audio cutoff issues back into the bugs forum so it can die in obscurity and get forgotten like all the other posts that have been raised on the problem over the past few months. I’m almost convinced it’s a cover-up that they don’t want us talking about such a major gamebreaking problem. :disappointed:


Seems like something They would do. I loved your post though. really informative and it explained a lot.


Thanks! I really hope more people can post/share their audio drop experiences in the thread to really highlight this problem and hopefully force Blizzards hand to finally get this fixed. That’s why I posted it in General Discussion so as many people as possible could see and start talking about it, but of course they’ve hidden it away where nobody can see. They even locked me from editing the post so I can’t add more evidence or send the thread back here, which is just all kinds of meh.