Dropping half a second when fights start/in the middle of them


R7 1700 @3.8Ghz
Gtx 1060 6GB
8Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 @ 2133 (Ran into stability issues when using XMP so I do not have the rated speed running. Irrelevant for this since I’ve only used XMP for a week and haven’t ever played overwatch on it)
Gigabyte ab350 gaming motherboard

It started a few days back as microstutters. I’ve not been playing very much overwatch lately, but I played tonight and every time a fight started, a new effect appeared, etc. I dropped about 70 frames which manifested as a massive stutter.

I haven’t made any recent changes to my rig other than adding a 2TB Hard drive, but overwatch is held on my boot SSD so that’s not relevant. To my knowledge I have very recent drivers. It seems to have only been happening since the summer games update.

I’ve played other games on the same computer very recently and never had issues.

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They do have a known issue with Ryzen CPUs listed in the stickies, could it be related? Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #18 by Drakuloth?

I’ve not had performance issues/crashes in many, many months.

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Overwatch 100 ISSUES

Every other Game 0 ISSUES
(50 or more games tried on my pc)

Still 0 responses from the Developers even tho people with 8 Core CPU and GTX 1080ti have these problems too…

Not you again are you working for Blizzard? And you never texted me back on my response.

Sarah responded to you. And no, I’m a volunteer.

Wow i’m talking about days ago you probably don’t even remember me.
I was happy you responded but in reality you did not even care because i posted my results but you said nothing.

Please do not hijack someone else’s thread as a means to attack people who volunteer their time on the forums.

sorry i’m just sad/salty because i like the game still but these issues drive me nuts! this was my thread! maybe also interesting for the guy who madet this thread!

All my Problems seem to be gone after uninstalling GeForce Experience, seems like it was the problem! Thank me later!