DPS Queue is a joke

i don’t really know what a “main” or such tank is as no distinction is made in the game

i would see winston as more of a dive brawler.

if you position badly you will get “deleted” it doesn’t really matter which hero

and i doubt it’s happening regularly . seems like you got unlucky there as well

the devs have made it clear they had “off tanks” and “main tanks” in mind through their dev posts, streams, etc. winston was clearly designed to be a main tank.

again, that clip literally shows how unfair storm arrows are. there is NOTHING fair about that clip.

none of that really matters to me as there is no distinction made in the game

I would like to see an actual quote of that though as opposed to the developers just saying that because that is what the players were going with

and obviously dev’s design philosophy changes overtime

but is that happening regularly? I don’t experience that regularly. storm arrows are the least of my problems

I feel like maybe you have unrealistic expectations of what the tank role should encompass

it’s not meant to be about face tanking damage like in an mmo

tanks in this game are basically damage dealers with some limited damage blocking abilities and higher health pools

Here’s one of them, it took me a while to find sorry, but there’s DEFINITELY more.

thats cuz you play doomfist

i was just peeking… thats it… i didn’t run at the enemy, I literally just peeked around a corner and got deleted… as a tank…


there you go, the distinction is/was not intended by the developers but they are literally just saying that because that’s what the players went with.

IF you are “adhering” to a player made meta. This was never developer intended . So again this comes down to brainwashing, players artificially limiting themselves because they’ve seen other players do this or heard that it is the “right” way

they said that’s what players call them, but they know they exist, which is why they mentioned dva zarya hog.

They exist as tank heroes . they were never intended to fill a limited subrole

stop using this nonsense term.
plus, even coaches at the highest level of play use the terms off tanks and main tanks.


that’s literally why so many of them are getting massive changes for OW2 because they don’t work as “main tanks”.


these are the people (& “influencers”) who do the brain washing unfortunately

they also know the most about the game BY FAR so its not brain washing its educating basic knowledge.


I have a ton of tanking time in my playtime history and regularly play tank

you’ve shown me before that you one trick doomfist

sadly the players never challenged these ideas and think outside of the box. 222, main/off tank, etc. ideas = “the box”. players just conform to what they see

indeed I did for some seasons

they literally did think outside the box and they know the most about the game compared to ANYONE on this forum. they play the BEST comps and although 222 is the most common they’ve also played quad dps, goats, etc.

The idea that they’re brainwashing is just absurd. What would be the point in brainwashing as a coach false ideas?

whether they do it intentionally or not I do not know. I am sure they have good intentions. But I’ve seen enough stylosa’s and jayne’s videos to realize that they also have a number of wrong ideas. Players should never limit themselves to one kind of playstyle/comp being the acceptable one. its sad and unfortunate but an inevitable result when you have a very large audience and you are trying to give “universal” tips

if you want a lesson on “breaking the mould” may want to look at Chengdu hunters

stylosa, yes i can understand he doesn’t know as much about the game as he thinks he does but jayne literally does know way more than you or i do he coached team canada and goes super in depth with his analysis on the game.

if you really want to understand the game then watch how the best teams do things. these are the people who routinely BREAK the meta.

like fuel did for may melee. when everyone was playing mccree.

like clockwork vendetta did. when everyone played 3-3.

like dragons did with ball instead of winston


never follow a meta . especially not on ladder

I trust Stylosa more than Jayne. Come at me.