Dps and healer queues are 10 mins

wtf is this i want to play right away


Yeah play tank or waste most of your time in que. Fun times…


When valorant comes out, should be better queue times I think.

Game looks like trash tho lol

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But why play tank when the other one will most likely not be in chat and pick dva hog or ball… Plus even if they do pick a viable tank are tou going to be shreaded by reaper mei if you pop off? Tank is legit the worst role rn. You cant swap if hard countered. If you have a lets just say one trick torb and gengi main on el dorado attack vs orisa rein junk plus w/e u straight up loose. Well you can win but its straight not worth it…

Uh… I agree? I don’t like playing tank anymore either. My comment was to criticize the que times.

There should be a mechanic which will allow you to play as Tank until you find a DPS / Support game. Lol.

I’m most certainly not playing tank when Hog isn’t removed from hero pools absolute misery being main tank with instalock hogs almost every game.


Sorry that comment was supposed to be kinda sarcastic. (Sarcasm doesnt work over the internet) :confused: but yea queue times are a** right now and no one toutchs tank lol

Hey tbf a hog player who is willing to switch,communicates,actually land hooks are a godsend. Because i think he is still great in certain situations. Sad thing is that most actual players who have almost 100hrs on tanks like him refuse to play him or that role :frowning:

Playing main tank is miserable.

You’re dependent on flakey dps healers and “elite” dps that are spending 90% of the time going on mad flanks.

It’s just utterly depressing as a Rein player when my 1600 barrier breaks in 3 seconds vs an onslaught of damage whilst the enemy Orisa barrier, all 600 points of it, never breaks.

Sorry that you all complain that tanks never press forward or advance. But it’s been beaten out of them by many games of pain as they’re just used as a giant punch bag all game.

When I play tank now I start as Rein, but if I determine that my team are idiots (Which I determine as the dps and healers not following me) then I switch to Hog and have fun.

And my Hog win rate is better than my Rein as I’m not dependent on flakey healers and can get my own picks as our “elite” Widow shoots up the ground around the enemies’ feet.

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Our you know another solution is playing Winston.

Winston is a main tank. Winston has mobility to get health packs. Has a bubble to block damage and dva bombs. Good Winston is a nightmare for support.

It doesn’t matter what rank you are. You play any combo of dva hog. You are setting up the enemy team for a free win. The dps will farm you the tanks and supports will farm you. Your team loses just on ult economy.

Also these dps and supports are at your rank so your skill is generally equal. I recommend you also watch back your games more. These players might not be as bad as you make them out to be.

Also your shield breaking is generally poor shield management if it goes in three seconds. Which also implies their dps are firing at you. If you don’t press w properly that’s on you not the dps and sometimes the healers. If you are better than the other tanks you will climb.

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This season has been horrible. I depend on a lot of different tanks for different situations and hero bans makes my limited options even more limited.

I can handle Tracers and Doomfist easily with my Hog. Sometimes I dont have to worry because someone on my team already has it handled. I can rest easy and keep playing that barrier tank people love so much. But 50/50 (and thats being generous) I need to handle it myself and the week without Hog was horrible.

I’m a WB main so if the enemy has a bunch of sniper mains I not only can suppress them, I can roll them (lol) but not anymore because there isnt any other decent Dive tank out there (on some maps Winstons is great).

I play all the tanks and often choose based on map and comp and also mood. Hero bans just completely ruins this game for me.

I haven’t felt this frustrated and angry with this game ever then I have this month constantly having key tanks I use banned.

I’ve no interest in OW2 either. This bull will 100% bleed into that game too and I know I dont like it. Save me the time and energy (and money)

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Yeah, the fact that I’m the same level as these players is profoundly depressing. My mechanics aren’t as good as other off tanks at my elo.

I can keep gold as support as I have some game sense. I don’t feed and I can stay alive. Dps are generally solid and the tanks are generally pretty good.

But as silver tank I need to be fragging out. I can’t rely on my dps at all to do their jobs.

I push w and nothing dies on the enemy team, then I die.

I remember before 222 our 4 dps couldn’t kill the Pharah wrecking us. I swapped from Lucio to Dva and did it myself. One of the dps reluctantly went healer. We won the game.

Another game I was Rein and our 4 dps just constantly ran past the Rein shield and died. I switched to 5th dps and we won.

I’ve posted before a vid of a gm smurfing gold and he said you can carry with any role apart from with main tank. Players are too stupid to work as a team and tanks are best used as off dps to just frag out. Sigma, Zarya, Hog.

As I don’t have great (or even decent) mechanics I can’t carry those games. I can’t be the Hog or Zarya rocking four golds at match end, having managed 60%+ kp as their inept dps do nothing.

So, guess I accept my loss streak to bronze as tank until opposition so bad I can carry as Hog, then work my way up, or stay as gold support and actually have fun games with some semblance of teamwork.

I want million dollars too.

Play Winston. Get really good at him. That’s my tip. He can get kills on his own. Dps supports. Doesn’t matter besides reaper and Mei he bullies really all of them. Even then you can play around reaper and Mei.

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Good call. I’ve been trying Winston a little bit.

Jumped off the map a few times, but hey ho…
I need to practice adjusting jump length with holding direction as I jump.

Not quite as independent as Hog, but definitely more fun to play than Rein at low elo.

Because the strongest tank (rein) is weak without their enabler Zarya and the DPS mains who tank to play Zarya are queueing DPS again.

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yeah they need to hurry up with the new tanks already. honestly it’d be worth not getting any PVE content from OW 2 in exchange for getting everything else a few months sooner. (imho)