DPS always blamed for loss

So I’m playing a game. There is a roadhog who is playing real off tanky. He keeps rushing onto the point alone and dying instantly. Mid match he gets toxic and just sits in the spawn. Rather blaming the TANK for sitting in the spawn for doing anything. “OMG! YOU’RE DPS IS LOW” and everyone ignores the fact the tank is literaly sitting in the spawn.

Guess as long as your DPS is bad, your tank can sit in the spawn with zero blame.

Just Press P and Mute, then move on to the next game. If you are worried about someone calling you out or starting a confrontation with you then turn off Team chat.
I know it sucks, but sometimes you need to do it to enjoy the game without the toxic people.

Whenever anyone says my DPS is bad im like… Oh yeah! Then I show them this. Pretty much puts that idea to bed… In fact feel free to use it as well. Nobody know what you look like just be like. Ill show you DPS! Send them the link and winner is you.

Dont listen to them. So many times there are supports and tanks that are actually horrible and wont switch that cause the loss