DOTA 2 to ban smurfs

It’s too sensible for Activision so…it probably won’t ever happen.

I’m also anti-smurf. Anything to punish them/remove them from the game.


What kind of Netflix show creates an association with smurfing?

That’s interesting. The game already has very aggressive matchmaking like what I’d see for this game. Like if you go 14-0 several games in a row it’ll thrust you into a way higher bracket to gauge if that’s where you belong.


the kind that is likely to bring new players and having smurfs would drive them out faster than the show would bring in


It is a free game with an influx of new accounts that people are boosting to sell.

Selling to people who think “hard stuck” is a thing, amusingly enough. Wonder how account buyers reconcile their inevitable drop to where they belong? Probably their team’s fault, eh?


Banning smurfs and alts will increase the value of the game in other ways that may not be quantifiable.

The competitive experience will be better and taken more seriously and that attitude could spread to e-sports viewership, decreased Q times, and more tank players.


I wish this would happen in Overwatch so bad.

I have 10 smurfs across both PC and Console at this point, and I genuinely want smurfing to be bannable. It ruins literally, countless games, and discourages regular players from playing Comp at all.


Unfortunately dota is free and ow is paid. It’s easy to see why it’s in Activision’s best interests to ignore or downplay smurfing.


as long as boosting, smurfing and THROWING is allowed, ow will be a joke of a game. there is nothing competitive in ow and never has been.

devs dont care obviously. dota devs earned my respect and i have never played dota.


i actually saw the advertisement for the dota 2 netlix show on steam earlier today. was like dam wish it was overwatch…



This show was pretty alright too actually.


valve is a god tier company.

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What is your definition of smurfing?

I wish them the best of luck in determining who is and is not a smurf with “high” confidence. I would suspect though that anyone who has played a MOBA, but moved onto DOTA, would fall into that “high” confidence category

True activision will not implement this. They will just let Smurf’s continue to ruin the game and then once it is no longer profitable ditch the game or sell it off.

Activision is not smart enough or morally conscious to understand the problems in this game.



I think that on Overwatch, someone doing this implies that the player is throwing on purpose to reduce their mmr to face lower ranked or rated players. You can actually report that if there is actual evidence for that, but you can’t really report for “playing poorly” or “making mistakes” in a particular match out of frustration for losing.

The assumption of the smurf is that the person on a new or low level account is buying that new account to somehow purposely get matched against average or low ranked players (assuming new accounts are immediately faced against mid or low ranks initially). Or, at the very least, assuming the mmr has caught up through quickplay and that their rating quickly adjusts, if they are of much higher skill level, they will eventually climb up through the mid to high tier ranks, bullying others before the smurf manages to reach their peak. So, the player stuck or hovering specifically at those ladder ranks (and usually they’ve been there for a while) will blame their impediment to climb as a result or fault of these new account users.

If you ask me, I don’t think they were ever going to climb up any time soon and it’s irrelevant scapegoating.

NoVision needs all the money , they wont do that.


Death to alt accounts is the only way to kill smurfing. Furthermore this is obviously a aggressive business move by valve. They are losing money on Smurf’s big time. Those accounts won’t spend a single dime and only deter legitimate players and potential customers from their service. Blizz making money of selling copies of the game still and being well blizz is a huge reason why they will never go down the same path.

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Smurfing is literally just keeping your rank intentionally lower than it should be, that’s it.